Evil Lurking…

Normally my posts are very positive but today I have to be real…

I can feel the Enemy lurking right behind me..

I can smell the odor of sulfur as he whispers, God has abandoned you”…

I can feel the despair closing in..

Lord Jesus, protect me for I feel as if I’m about to break….

Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

8 thoughts on “Evil Lurking…”

  1. God does not abandon his children. He has not abandoned you. Remember the enemy is a deceiver.

    In this moment as you feel this dark realness inch close to you, I strongly advise you to lean on Heavenly Father. Pray to Him and let Him help you through this dark moment. I will pray to him for you as well.

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      1. I have my fair share of battles as well, so best believe I understand when the fight becomes real. Just know that you have people that will help remind you of God’s love for you, as well as pray for and with you in those hard times. ❤

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