End Times?

Good morning everyone and welcome to Saturday! The weekend is finally upon us! I had a really bad week at work so today could not come soon enough. How about all of you? I would really love to hear more from you folks; feel free to reach out to me anytime. ๐Ÿ™‚ So…here we go!

The “end times”…..Let’s get the skeleton out of the room first and foremost. I do NOT believe in the Rapture theory in which it is now taught. One thing I have learned about Scripture is that God is very consistent which has led me to the realization that God does not often remove His people from the potential of suffering (at least right away). So this idea that one day without any trials or tribulations for us as believers, we will be thrown into the sky is just not Scriptural. Please don’t send me the Scriptures that talks about us “meeting the Lord in the air” as yes we will at SOME point but not before we experience at least a little bit of the tribulation period. In any case, I wanted that out there first and foremost; it is NOT a salvation issue so we could all be wrong and its ok. It makes for interesting discussion; although it could be problematic for some believers if I am right. They may think they have been deceived and fall away from their faith; I pray that does not happen….Ok next point.

1 Peter 4:7- “The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.” This is one passage of many (including many from Jesus Himself) that leads us to believe they thought that the “end times” had begun even back then. Jesus even took it one step further to say that “this generation will not pass away until these things have come to pass”. Does that mean that Peter and Jesus were misinformed? Hardly….But it does show us that the “end times” we keep talking about has been a period of time 2000+ years in the making. Make sense? Yes the times we are living in now are bad, really bad, but in many ways so were the times back then! Main difference is people didn’t have social media and a 24 hour news cycle to give the worst of humanity at their fingertips.

So, what am I saying this morning? Well let me put it this way; when I first became a believer, the end times and all the prophecies that go with it were all I focused on; even more than the Gospel itself. As time passed and these events did not yet come to pass, I realized this; that while we should be aware of what is going on around us and be vigilant, our focus should not be on predicting the end of all things but instead preaching the Gospel truth more than ever! If indeed our time is almost up, what more important message could we be telling others than about the saving Grace of Jesus Christ? Amen?

Remember friends, to us it may have been 2,000 years or so since these words were spoken but to God they are but just a fleeting second. Don’t be in such a rush to bring these times to pass; much of humanity will fall and is not something to look forward to. Instead, tell others about the joy, peace, and love that can only be found through the saving Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Have a great Saturday friends!


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  1. I agree with pretty much everything you said, especially the main point about focusing on sharing the good news now. I always think people are missing the point when they spend so much time connecting current events to signs of the end times. At every point in history, some people have thought the world was going to end soon, yet we’re still here.

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  2. Good piece with a wise point made. When the rapture will happen is definitely not worth arguing. The one thing that causes me to believe there will be a rapture before the end is that there comes a point when that, which holds Satan and his evil Back, will be removed, allowing him to have full access to all remaining and to do his worst. I believe the wall that hinders him is the Spirit of God. When the Spirit is removed, we will go with Him, for God promises to never leave nor forsake us.

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