I Wonder…

Good morning everyone. I’ll be honest, this post is probably more for me than anything else. One of the reasons I got into writing in the first place is because it was very self-therapeutic. I could put into words a lot of things that for various reasons I can’t say out loud. Today is just going to be one of those days; I make no apologies for it because, well, I’m me and you either love me or you don’t; ya know?

So, today I wonder just how much of a difference I am making here….So many times I have thought of stopping this blog because of a lack of interaction. I know there are thousands of these out there but I really thought my message would be more receptive. Yes, I have almost 1100 followers and I am so grateful for each of them but how many REALLY follow what I say and are being truly impacted. I hear from maybe 10 or so people. Again, very grateful for those 10 but out of 1100? It truly makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong…

I know I’m 47 years old, overweight, and have a non-traditional message but man, seems like more of an impact than around 1 percent. Now I truly know its not about the numbers for even if ONE person is being impacted its worth it. Heck, how must God feel…over 6 BILLION people just right now and I bet the numbers are even smaller than 1 percent that TRULY follow Him. It gets tiring for sure.

So yeah, I’m frustrated but alas I keep going. If nothing else I know that I am listening to myself in this vast world. I also know that God is listening and He is my source of all that I am. Maybe I need to just worry more about Him right now than how my blog is doing. Maybe there is a lesson here; with God there always is. Anyway, if you are one of my 1 percent. I’m grateful for you; thank you, and my love goes out to you for being there and taking time out of your day for a wretch like me.

Love in Christ,


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  1. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
    Luke 6:38

    Just keep giving!

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  2. Hi, David. Sounds like you answered your own question, brother.

    When we set out to do anything for God, our adversary has a habit of slipping in and causing us to start looking more at the numbers than the actual quality and impact we are having on those who do visit our sites regularly.

    With all of the prophecies that were foretold of the Messiah, you’d have thought that more people would have recognized Jesus when He arrived on the scene, but He was only able to draw 12 followers(and one of them, Judas, was a traitor)

    The stats don’t always paint a clear picture of the impact you are having on folks. Many people will post posts, but just don’t have the time to comment, or they may visit the site, but not be logged into their WP account.

    You be encouraged, brother. And keep sharing what God places in your heart to share, because I assure if God gave you something to share, then it is going to be important and much appreciated by at least one person.

    Stay encouraged, and may God always be glorified in all that you do.

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      1. It happens to all of us, brother.

        When we accepted Christ as our Savior, God placed His precious Holy Spirit into us to; help us grow in faith, witness to those who are lost, and to help us encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in the faith.

        You are of great significance to God, brother. Have yourself a blessed day!

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  3. Hey, I’m 7 years younger than you and I learn something cool from you every day! I feel the same way as you sometimes. After my posts about “Don’t Ever Get Chipped!” and “Our Last Breath” the other day just about everybody who was on my site from around the world (15 countries) disappeared. Guess they didn’t want to hear it. I still have the followers, but no hits on the site, except from here at home in the USA, Russia, and India mostly (what’s up my homies!). I did get a hit from Romania the other day, which was cool. I hear you and I feel you David. Keep marching. You are a strong soldier and fine tuned instrument of the Lord! I pray the Lord flows through us all in the Holy Spirit and lifts all of His people up today, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    Praise God for all the posts He does through you brother–keep ’em comin’! I read them all!

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  4. David — I understand your frustration and your question as to whether you are making a difference in others’ lives. I do not know if I have the answer — or even a partial answer — but I do have some thoughts, more observations really. A few months ago, I wrote out a bunch of notes to share with you but then decided against it. Now, I think I should share. I, too, have a blog. As far as I know, you are “following” my blog, or you might have tried it out at one time. That’s probably how I picked up on your blog. I have no idea if you are following my blog — LoveAndGrace — now because I don’t check who my followers are. At any rate, I would love to exchange some thoughts with you — that is, I share with you and you share back with me — but I would not want to do that through a public forum for all to see. I have written publicly to you before. It was a note of encouragement. I’ll honor your decision whether to share ideas. In either case, God bless you and your bride, as well as your ministry. Ward

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  5. Hang in there, David! You have probably affected more people than you think through shared posts. Haven’t you had over 40,000 views this year (if I am remembering that Facebook post correctly)? Your voice makes a difference to God and to your followers.

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  6. I confess your messages do impact me, I just don’t know how to say it properly. Just keep posting what God/Yah wants you do post. You never know – one day, someone will come along who the message is for. Keep it up!

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