I Wonder…

Good morning everyone. I’ll be honest, this post is probably more for me than anything else. One of the reasons I got into writing in the first place is because it was very self-therapeutic. I could put into words a lot of things that for various reasons I can’t say out loud. Today is just going to be one of those days; I make no apologies for it because, well, I’m me and you either love me or you don’t; ya know?

So, today I wonder just how much of a difference I am making here….So many times I have thought of stopping this blog because of a lack of interaction. I know there are thousands of these out there but I really thought my message would be more receptive. Yes, I have almost 1100 followers and I am so grateful for each of them but how many REALLY follow what I say and are being truly impacted. I hear from maybe 10 or so people. Again, very grateful for those 10 but out of 1100? It truly makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong…

I know I’m 47 years old, overweight, and have a non-traditional message but man, seems like more of an impact than around 1 percent. Now I truly know its not about the numbers for even if ONE person is being impacted its worth it. Heck, how must God feel…over 6 BILLION people just right now and I bet the numbers are even smaller than 1 percent that TRULY follow Him. It gets tiring for sure.

So yeah, I’m frustrated but alas I keep going. If nothing else I know that I am listening to myself in this vast world. I also know that God is listening and He is my source of all that I am. Maybe I need to just worry more about Him right now than how my blog is doing. Maybe there is a lesson here; with God there always is. Anyway, if you are one of my 1 percent. I’m grateful for you; thank you, and my love goes out to you for being there and taking time out of your day for a wretch like me.

Love in Christ,


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  1. David,
    I don’t think you should be disheartened. 1100 followers…these also blog correct or at least for the most part, so do they also have followers? You see how the numbers and ability to interact soon becomes overwhelming. By this thought process…are you able to comment and interact with all 1100? I don’t think you’ve left even 1 comment on any of my posts. Have you followed me?
    The only point that matters is this….were you called to do this? Do it! Are you doing it for His glory? Then interaction doesnt really matter does it? It’ll produce or reach those who your message was meant for even if you don’t see it…..kind of like planting seeds along the way and it producing fruit in its time even if we aren’t there to see it. In the end, God willing, we will find that we touched lives that we never even knew. Do what you are called to do and trust God in it.

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      1. Yes, 1100 followers is impressive, considering that these are not so much daily readers as people that God can reach at any time He chooses – The possibilities of the internet are mind-boggling! As for numbers, consider that Jesus, who created billions of people, sometimes took the time to talk to one person at a time, such as Nicodemus and the woman at the well. Just keep planting those seeds, and don’t look back. God will take care of them.

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      1. Maybe I’m not communicating well? My point is, as you know with 1100 followers, I imagine that its difficult for you to keep up and touch base with so many. Your followers, like myself, even with less than 500, is probably difficult for them as well. I don’t become discouraged by not hearing from you…I know you are there.
        Don’t let that deter you from your mission or calling. Be encouraged and of good faith that your mission is being accomplished even if you aren’t being notified or seeing. You are glorifying Him and exhorting others. Be of good cheer and continue onward…and I’ll try to touch base more often as a reminder that someone is still recieving your message and it’s appreciated. ๐Ÿ’•

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  2. Brother, I have been blogging for six years now and don’t even have 400 followers. I can totally relate to where you are coming from. Numbers lie when it comes to what we do. We are not in it for the same or to make money. We are here to share the love of God. We each have a different way of doing so.

    But what we do make a difference. Trust me on that one brother. We may not see it…ever. Or God may give us a glimpse through a comment on a post, that we wrote years ago, that someone just read saying thank you for this post, you have no idea what this means to me to read this…typing with tears in their eyes.

    That my friend is why we do what we do. For that one heart that God sent our way knowing our words would be the words that would get through to them.

    Stay strong!

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  3. People just press that follow button and then forget to stay connected.
    Only a few really follow. I’ve seen this on many blogs. No.. of followers and comments or likes are far apart.But you should just keep going.
    All the best !

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  4. Wow, I just totally lost my comment somewhere? To repeat….
    Maybe I’m not communicating well. Don’t become disheartened. I imagine that that 1100 followers are difficult to keep touch with. I don’t even have 500 yet I struggle, and I’m sure your followers do as well. Though I may not hear from you often, I’m not discouraged…I know you’re there. Don’t let that convince you that what you’re doing isnt fruitful. Be of faith and good cheer. You ARE glorifying Him and exhorting others. Continue your good work knowing you are touching lives though you may not see it and I will try to remind you more often that you are heard and appreciated.

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  5. I understand that need or ache for God to confirm the works of our hands by letting us see the fruit of it. The things Father repeatedly leads me to discern is the obedience is mine to do and rejoice in, that I love the Father and serve Him as His beloved daughter. The fruit is His who Alone can draw them and grant them comprehensive understanding. Sometimes the point from Him for me is that I obey and simply trust Him. Another thing is that posts to the internet seem to pop up for many years to come. Our writing may truly be for some future generation we canโ€™t see. Take heart at bringing rejoicing to the very heart of God and be BLESSed.

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