Hello again! So I asked for you guys to ask me any question you wanted and I only got ONE lol. So Ryan, the floor is all yours with this question that you asked….

“What is the best advice you could give to another Christian married couple? I believe you guys just had your 27th anniversary if I remember right! You have been at it a decade longer than us, so I would love to hear the wisdom from that experience! Thanks for the open invite to ask something too! God bless you guys!”

Well Ryan there is a lot involved in making a marriage last as long as ours has but my advice contains just a few simple steps:

1. Always put God first- I know it sounds like a default answer but in the beginning we did not do this and it was a disaster. So always put Him first!

2. Always try and look at things through the lenses of your spouse. Despite the crap the world dishes out, men and women are very different creatures and are wired completely different. Do as the Bible teaches and put your spouse before yourself. While we may not truly ever understand our spouse, it helps a lot to try and put ourselves in their frame of mind on things!

3. Finally, always make time for just the two of you! My Bride and I ALWAYS have date night. Usually its on Friday and sometimes its even McDonalds and Netflix, sometimes its s nice restaurant but regardless we always make that time for each other. Even with children, this is a vital step to staying in touch with each other.

There are many other things but these are my top 3. I would also say that marriage is WORK, HARD WORK; work worth every minute of it.! Because Ryan was nice enough to offer his question, I have provided the link to his blog below. Anyone else have questions? Let me know!


Ryan Callahan Blog

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