I’m A Little Different

Happy Monday! I usually don’t get too deep during the week but I need to clarify a few things for SOME of you…

1. I love Jesus Christ as my Risen Savior more than ANYTHING. (My bride is a close second)

2. I believe he died on a Cross for our sins, rose again, and is coming back.

3. I believe that once you are TRULY saved, NOTHING can snatch you from the hands of God.

4. I believe that God has called us to minister to the sick; which includes being with people that “don’t fit the Christian mold”

5. I don’t subscribe to a bunch of religious traditions but instead seek to follow the actual teachings of Christ.

Number five is big because if it is actually IN the Bible, I follow it (or at least try to), if it is simply just a religious tradition, I want no part of it. I am very real and sometimes that makes me a little different than some of the “cookie cutter Christians” out there. But rest assured, everything I say and do comes from a place of love and desire to see the church and its people get back to REAL biblical teachings.

I am not for everyone; if you are looking for a “cookie cutter Christian”, this blog is not for you. However, if you are looking for a real, passionate, Truth seeker, keep on following me and lets get closer to God together. Amen?



Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

11 thoughts on “I’m A Little Different”

  1. I do agree with you on almost everything. Except with one:
    Regards to #3:
    When you said that once you are truly saved, nothing can snatch you from the hands of God, that is incorrect. Anyone can lose their salvation at any time. The Bible says ‘Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling’. Why fear and trembling? Because Yah/God can take away your salvation and send you to Hell at any time.
    And, there was a Romanian prophet (forgotten his name) who had a vision of angels holding the Book of Life, writing down new names, but also one angel had an eraser and was rubbing out names.
    We can lose our salvation no matter how ‘truly saved’ we believe ourselves to be.
    NOT ATTACKING YOU. Just letting you know.

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    1. Totally disagree on that. Jesus said that no one that is His can be snatched from His hand! To say that once God has freed you (truly) that He can snatch that gift back at any time He feels like it is to diminish the work He did on the Cross. The problem is people say they are saved when all they have done is perform an act. I’m just letting you know that once you have truly given yourself to Christ NOTHING can reverse that. And your “fear and trembling” example is in reference to your path to realizing Christ as Savior! God does not sit up there with a stick just waiting for you to fail; I hope that is not the message you are trying to convey…


      1. No, I was not trying to convey that message. I know Yah/God is a loving God, not someone who is waiting for us to fail in some area. Just your remark about ‘nothing can snatch you from Him’ came across as the ‘once saved always saved’ thing.

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      2. And it is true, IF you are truly saved. Too many people falsify the experience they have and their life reflects that. The power that Jesus Christ has by His free gift of Salvation can never be taken away by any power, and any act. The cost was too high…

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      3. I am still a little confused by what you mean by ‘truly saved’. Sorry. Can you please clarify it? (And I was not saying that the power of Jesus Christ/Yahushua Messiah has by His free gift of Salvation can be taken away).

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      4. I mean some people walk down an isle in church and then keep on living how they did before. If you are “truly saved” your life will change. You won’t be perfect but your life will be reflective of that experience.

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      5. Your welcome. Anyone else like to chime in in this one? This is a biggie folks; to move forward in our relationship with Christ we must first understand Who He is and Who He isn’t. Off to work peeps. Leave your comments! 🙏❤️

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      6. I was not trying to say that if we make a mistake in our walk with Yah/God, He will take away our Salvation. He will forgive us for that. I was not trying to say He would not. My deepest apologies if my comments came across that way.

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