Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday! Thank you all again for the outpouring of support you all showed yesterday as I take this ministry/blog in a new direction. In these times I really am going to strive to point out the positives found through Christ, rather than focus on the failings of the church. While those issues are still very important, even more important than that is to show others the hope found in Christ. Amen?

Prayer…something that I feel is both taken for granted and not used enough. When I was a Youth Pastor in Florida, I used to tell my kids a couple of things about their walk with Jesus…

1. The Bible is not just another book. As a believer in Christ, something supernatural happens every time you read His Word. You may not realize it at the time but it does.

2. That Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against the Enemy. It is also the most powerful device we have in our relationship with Jesus. It takes us right to God with no “middle man” needed.

Here is the thing; we talk a lot about prayer, we say to others “you are on my prayer list”, or “I have prayed about it” concerning a direction in our life. But have we really? And if we have are we “Praying without ceasing” as the Scriptures instruct us to? I know it is hard because most times we don’t see the direct effects of our prayers but make no mistake they do have impact.

I offer this up to you all because I see so much despair, depression, anxiety and we want relief from all of it, yet the most powerful tool we have in overcoming these situations we too often ignore. Prayer should always be the first option in ANY situation we face! Amen?

With that said, if you are needing prayer, please leave a comment below or you can contact me personally. Feel free to send me a text to 269-363-0932 and simply let me know who you are and what you are needing prayer for. Also for those of you overseas I have this great app called WhatsApp that we can have conversations free of charge as well. Just download the app to your phone and look me up by using the phone number above. Thanks again everyone and enjoy your Sunday!

Love and hugs,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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