Do Not Fear

Good morning everyone and welcome to Monday! Normally I would not be writing a longer post on a Monday because I would be at work, but God blessed me with a job where I can be off today and enjoy one more day of family and relaxation. I pray most of you can do the same!

Fear…some say that this phrase of “Do Not Fear” occurs 365 times in the Bible. While I have my doubts about that number simply because of the human error involved with translations, the point is not lost. WE SHOULD NOT FEAR!!! Now if you don’t know God and His Son Jesus Christ then you really should fear; only because someday this evil and sin will be dealt with and you don’t want to stand accused without the lawyer of all lawyers Amen? As a Christ-follower though, God has given you a Spirit which knows no fear. The question today is are you willing to give yourself fully to Him and let Him wipe that fear away from you?

Fear causes so many problems; it starts with small things and before you know it you are scared of even waking up in the morning. Make no mistake on who that is from; it is from your Enemy Lucifer who hates you and will do everything in his limited power to keep you down. Using fear as a weapon is one of his biggest weapons against us. Problem for him though is God has given us the ability to shed that fear away like an old t-shirt! Are you willing to shed that fear and start doing the great things for God you were called to do?

My friends, despite the way the media (and some well intentioned Christians) would tell you, the world is really full of hope. There are many people like you and me with stories of redemption and tales of breaking free of those chains of fear through Jesus. Why not be one more of those stories this morning? Why not tell the Enemy he has no place in your life and watch him have to flee? Why not tell Jesus that He has all of your heart and let Him pull you up from the pits of despair?

As always, its your choice, no one can make it for you. God is a gentleman and will only come into your life if you ask Him. Will you ask Him today?

Love and Hugs,


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