Depression-Is There No Hope?

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you all had a great week and are ready for a relaxing weekend. So, I know I promised that my messages would be filled with hope from now on and this post will be no different, but first I must present some sobering facts about the world we live in….

1. Suicide rates are at an all time high (including children that more recently are as young as 5 years old.)

2. Depression is also at an all time high with thousands of new cases diagnosed every day.

I could list a ton more but you get the point. We live in a world without hope; or at least that is the way it is presented. For those that watch the news, have you ever noticed how the lead story is always one of despair? Murder, suicide, storms, political nonsense, etc. Never once does the media lead off with a positive story; it is by design…

Prayer is no longer allowed in schools nor in most business due to “political correctness”. God is pushed out of everything possible; again, it is by design. See, if you can get rid of God out of the equation, then, you can convince the masses that there is no hope. Even some people of faith (pastors included) will feel that God has either never truly existed or simply feel as if He has abandoned them. Is any of this striking a cord?

Heck, even many good natured Christians are guilty of this; driving political barrages against their opponents, belittling people that do not know Jesus, and calling out in judgment OTHER people’s sin like God has given them authority that only belongs to Jesus Himself.

When you look at all of this combined, those stats I gave you at the beginning are of no surprise. That, my friends, is why I changed the direction of this blog; instead of telling people how BAD things are, I vow to tell people about the HOPE found in Jesus! Now I’m not saying we can’t be vocal about things we oppose (abortion, the right to express our faith, etc), however we can still do those things in a Christ-like, hope filled way! Let me give you a social media example…

I’m not going to mention anyone by name but I know of several self-proclaimed Christians on social media that have in their profiles that Jesus is #1! Think you ever see a post about the Gospel of Jesus Christ? No they are too busy putting President Trump up as an Idol which to them should be praised. Some of these people have 40-50 THOUSAND followers. What a wasted opportunity to tell others about the HOPE found in Jesus Christ. I mean, you talk about the mega-church movement? Wow what an opportunity! Yet we waste it with more negative views that only bring others down.

Friends, we all have different callings from the Father. We all have different gifts and different passions that He has given us. The one thing, however, that unites us all as believers is that we are called to share the Gospel to all that will hear! Have you done your part in this calling? With that said I have a challenge for all of you that blog….

No matter what your blog is about I challenge you to write just a small post about Jesus. Tell others that there is actually Hope in the world and even if for just a moment, give your readers a chance to understand that not all is lost. Be part of a movement of Hope, Truth and Life; will you join me? Also, if you have been helped by this blog/ministry, please hit the “reblog”button found below and share this site with others. Again, not for my glory but for His!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

11 thoughts on “Depression-Is There No Hope?”

  1. Damn man, great, outstanding post. Isn’t that what Jesus taught, love. A simple gesture, but too often forgotten. Thanks for reminding me. Love, the hardest aspect in life, yet incredibly simple once you figure out that you desire love. Great post, I cannot commend you enough!!!!

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  2. Wonderful encouraging post. There is hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is part of human nature to lose hope in society, the government, friends and even in the churches, but it is important that we don’t lose hope in God. He is the anchor that we can hold on to. I share this post on my Facebook page. God bless you.

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  3. It saddens me, as well, how people write that Jesus is #1 (or something equivalent) on their bios, but all the posts are about being Conservative American: and I’ve even see people defend this, saying, “Do you mean to imply that being Christian and being American are not the same thing?” as if it were a strange and unheard-of position, that Christian is not synonomous with American, nor the other way around.

    Yes: we are not called to call out other people’s sins. Declare God’s holiness and love, and that sin ultimately is hatred towards God, and declare the salvation God offers even to we who made ourselves enemies to Him, by the sacrifice and glory of His Son, Jesus. Praise be to His Name.

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