Getting Old

Hello everyone. Usually I do not post a full message at night but I just told my Bride something and decided to write it down and share it with all of you…

This November I will turn 47; may not sound like a real old number but today it hit me…For the first time in my life, I truly feel like an older man…

It’s been a difficult couple years medically and I’m sure between that and the fact I am considerably overweight is not helping, but even with all that I have never felt OLD. Tonight I do….Not sure that is a bad thing because getting old is part of life right? Just a new feeling and one that makes me feel like the sun has begun to set on my life.

I wonder what God has planned for this old guy? I guess the good thing about this new phase which I find myself in is that I am that much closer to living in eternity with the Creator.

Thanks for listening my friends,

Peace and Grace,


6 thoughts on “Getting Old

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  1. Every word of yours is creating impact on heart..
    Well yeah getting old is just an another phase of life..
    But you are living in a world of words where the work of 47 is inspired by 23.. you gotta followers of all kinda ages!
    Such an admirable writer is always sweet 16 for us!
    Good morning 😃

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