Breaking Free

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone” By Casey Treat

Our strongholds give us a sense of familiarity and comfort. Like that pair of jeans you always throw on, strongholds can be the most comfortable thought you have. You have thought it so many times that you don’t even realize the thought is there!

For instance, do you expect to get sick at least once a year? You just expect it so when it happens, you aren’t surprised and you just embrace it as the change of season. You don’t even realize the stronghold of sickness in your mind because maybe your parents always said it, now you always say it, and it’s a fixture in your mind.

There are many things we automatically believe that have constructed strongholds in our minds. Break out of those comfortable thoughts today! You don’t have to be sick. You don’t have to have a terrible day, you don’t have to have a bad marriage, and your children don’t have to go through “a bad phase.”

Renewal Thought: The Lord loves you and wants you to live an abundant and prosperous life. Begin to see His love and embrace His goodness in order to help you break free from the comfort zones that ensnare you.

Prayer: I pray the Truth of God is making me free from the strongholds that hold me down. I believe that negative expectations will not control my marriage, career, finances, or health. I am transformed by the renewing of my mind to experience God’s perfect Will. I thank you, Father, for healing and strength, peace and joy. I am pulling down strongholds and walking in Your Favor.

Agape Love,


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