“The Walk To Freedom” By Casey Treat

Many times, we make choices that are motivated by our fear. We need the money, so we stay in a job we dislike. We don’t want to get overweight, so we eat healthy. We don’t want to feel guilty, so we go to church. These choices all reflect our fears instead of hope. What would happen if instead of operating in fear, you operate in faith?

Making choices rooted in faith brings freedom. We are no longer stuck in a job we hate but see the job as a blessing and a training ground for the better career that is to come. We no longer see the grilled chicken and vegetables as a bland meal but as sustenance for a healthy life. We go to church with the mindset that we don’t have to go, but we love to go and are strengthened in the community of believers. Perspective changes everything!

Renewal Thought: Your freedom is connected to your perspective on things, and shifting perspective will help you see God’s truth at work in your life.

Prayer: Father, I pray that faith and hope will guide my thoughts and decisions. I believe, God, that You empower me to rise above the negatives and live the abundant life You came to give me. With Your help, Father, I doubt my doubts and believe my beliefs. I believe renewal is working in me and abundant life is mine.

Agape Love,


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