Thursday Devotion

“Who’s Really In Charge Here?” By Casey Treat

While most relationships start based on feelings and emotions, any long-standing marriage was sustained by choice. Emotions enrich our lives and add dimension, but they do not add structural support. Many people say that they need to follow their feelings. We sing songs about listening to our heart, having a loving feeling, and being enraptured in the moment. While they make catchy lyrics, they do not help us live Godly lives.

What do you allow to be in control of your life? If your emotions dictate the majority of your day, your days may look more like a roller-coaster than a journey with God. Emotions cannot control your life; choices must control your life. Choices set upon God’s Word are stable, unwavering, and a strong structural support to build your life on.

Renewal Thought: What emotions have been running your life that you are realizing are unfruitful? How can you change from being emotionally driven to setting your mind on Godly choices and staying committed to them?

Prayer: Today, Father, I choose life and I choose blessing. I choose to believe and not doubt. I choose to walk by faith, not fear. With your help, Holy Spirit, I will choose all that God wills for me. I believe abundant life is mine, and I am taking the steps required to experience it to the fullest. Thank you, God, for the power to choose. I choose life and I choose blessing today.

Agape Love,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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