Perfect Love

We must strive for the perfect love of Christ to dispel all our fears, amen?

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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  1. David — Your encouraging blog site is to be commended. As a follower, I know the road for you this past year has not always been rosy, but under the Lord’s authority, you have pulled through each time. Recently, I was nominated by a mutual acquaintance, Ryan Callahan, for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I believe he also nominated you. Congratulations! As a recipient, I was to nominate 11 more sites. I chose to highlight sites that could use encouragement and let the writers know they are making a difference in the world. Your site is doing very well and does not need that nomination from me, but I still used the occasion to mention your site to my readers at LoveAndGrace (found here:
    Just for reference, this is what I wrote about your site:
    “Okay, that completes my required 11 nominations (12, really, because I included Ryan’s blog). There are four other sites I wanted to mention to my readers to check out. They do not need me to “nominate” them, but they deserve mention: David Fischer — His blog can be found at David often posts throughout the day, offering visual encouragement — Bible verses or inspirational quotes placed against an arresting backdrop. He builds community through his personal touches, from family vacations to unfortunate illnesses so that he comes alive as a real person, working for the Lord in an intimate way.”

    David, may the Lord continue to bless you and your family and your ministry. Ward

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