Hello everyone! Its been a minute as the younger generation says. I will say right off the bat that if you are looking for a feel good message today, this post may not be for you. My wife and I have been going through alot and honestly at first I wasn’t even going to write anything. But my oldest son reminded me that I have always been transparent with my readers and that is partially what makes me relatable so with that I guess my open book continues…..

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that being a follower of Jesus is easy. I swear that is one of the biggest lies ever told. It is like some preach that the minute you become saved the heavenly lights open up and all is rosey and clear from that moment on. WRONG! (Not to mention Jesus never promised that so stop preaching it folks). Anyway, with that as a backdrop things for the last two years have been just one train wreck after another in my life. My bride and I have been in and out of the hospital with surgerys, near death experiences, career problems, family issues, I mean its like the book of Job all over again except not as many people have died. Maybe train wreck is too soft an expression for what we have been through in the last two years. Even our vacation we were so looking forward to wasn’t what we had hoped because of our health issues. And of course the inevitable question of “where is God in all of this” keeps popping up. I get alot of the usual Christian one-liners from folks because that is what they are programmed to say but real, physical action, not so much. And all the while it just seems like God is sitting up there on His hands watching the carnage unfold…..

I told you this wouldn’t be a pleasant post right? Oh and I forgot to mention that we just moved in with my in laws to help them out of a financial jam. That too is going swimmingly…..So what now, what do I do? Well God knows my displeasure with all of this happening and two things have come to me this week which I will share with you now. (Maybe this will help someone out there that is also suffering with life..) 

1. Jesus also suffered. Suffered greater than me or anyone else ever would. Why? To save the world. If we are supposed to do all things through Him would it not make sense that we also would suffer to serve a greater cause? Even if unlike Jesus we don’t know the end result?

2. I have always told my oldest son that my life is alot like Moses’ was; I was to lead this family to the Promised Land but that I would never actually see it; that the next generation of my family would be the one. Then a couple of times this week Jesus whispered to me “why not you?” Then I thought, well, maybe that is why the Enemy is pulling out all the stops on us for he fears what my bride and I have on mission coming from God. Maybe that is the same for you today? Maybe its just life in an evil world but I’m convinced God has something special in store for all that seek Him…

Even knowing these two things hasn’t made this time any easier; we just want a break I guess. Then again, so did Jesus….Jesus could have used a break from all that suffering He went through but never got one until it was finished. Maybe our break will come sooner, maybe it wont but of everything I am not sure of, which is just about everything, the only thing that keeps this life upright most days is knowing that Jesus really is there at the finish line just cheering us on. One day all of this pain will be a distant memory; one day the suffering will no longer exist, one day all of our tears will be wiped away. Oh how I yearn for that day……

Agape Love,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

3 thoughts on “Transparency”

  1. No, deciding to follow Jesus has NO guarantee of an easy life! Quite the opposite, in fact.
    The thing to remember is, life without Jesus was hard, too (Something the enemy of our souls wants us to forget), and then we were going through it without Him!
    In my latest post (“No Turning Back, No Turning Back”) I shared a dream I had recently that said the same thing to me, loud and clear. I think you would relate.

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  2. I truly am praying for you guys. I know suffering and I know God is faithful through it. When I was laid out on the cold floor every night for 4 out of the last 7 years after throwing up and suffering excruciating pain in my intestines, after I had hemorrhoids from massive diarrhea 8 or more times per day for years, and after losing strength, money, work, time, and my youth–believe me, I understand. I am still struggling through it every day, but the Lord is so faithful and He has seen me through it. I know and trust that God is with you, and I agree, the evil one is scared at how powerful you and your wife are together, but God will crush him on your behalf! I hope that is of some help. I know it’s not easy to hear encouragement when we are in the midst of it. There was a point during my suffering where I felt like God was done with me and I was going to die, but He was right there and showed me I was wrong. I seriously have been praying for you guys every day, and I will keep praying. Peace brother.

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