Ever Wonder?

Happy Sunday friends!

As a believer, do you ever wonder why you aren’t living the abundant life? (And no I’m not talking about finances).

As a believer, do you ever wonder why your life is not filled with more joy?

As a believer, do you ever wonder why you feel alone?

I believe I have two main reason onto which we need to shift the current MINDset in our lives.

1. We do not love the way Jesus instructed us to….We say we love each other but are we really showing the kind of love He talked about? The love that holds no account of wrong toward each other? You understand that is the love God has for us right and what He then expects us to show others? We as a group of believers are failing at that horribly. (Ex. Think about the last person that “wronged” you; did you keep on loving them like Jesus asked us to or did we eliminate them out of our lives)

2. We as believers have forgotten who we are. If you have truly surrendered all you have to Christ, you are a New Creation! A New Creation that has died to the old self and now is able to live through Christ! Let’s be real for just a second shall we? We are all hanging on to parts of the old self for dear life. You know how I know? Because of all the fear that encompasses so many of our lives. If we truly understood the extent to which we are that New Creation, fear would never enter our lives. Impossible you say? I don’t think so…

2 Corinthians 5:17- “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” HERE! NOW! We all just keep sitting waiting for His return which will come yes but we can have a new life NOW too! The Kingdom of Heaven can be ours right NOW (at least the part our bodies can handle, the really cool stuff happens after His return).

So friends, John Lennon was in fact right; all we need is love. Not a worldly love with boundaries and requirements but the love of Christ which has been passed down to us as a New Creation that knows no limits and records no wrongs. How do we get there? Good news! It’s already there you just have to retrain your mind. Steps for that come next time but I will leave you with this sentence of Truth I need you to memorize….

I am a New Creation in Christ that will love others the way He first loved me; no matter the cost.

Till next time,


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