Green Friday

Hello everyone! I pray that your Thanksgiving Day went well, you got to eat lots of good food, and most of all you spent some good quality time with your families. Although mine started out a little rocky, it ended up being a very good day with the family with minimal casualties. (JOKE; some don’t always get my humor)

So I titled this Green Friday because as I woke up and saw all the chaos going on out there I thought instead of giving it more glory than it deserves I would talk about how great this day can be! See for most of my adult life I worked in retail; a majority of that in management, so I am all too familiar with the hard work and preparation that goes into making this day a financial success for the industry. The concept itself isn’t bad for it is pouring millions of dollars back into the economy but just as most things with innocent beginnings, the world has turned it on its head and made it quite literally a risk to your life.

So about 6 years ago now I made the decision to leave the “comforts” of retail and start a new career in a field that caused less stress and gave me the ability to spend more time with my family. As I woke up at 8:30 this morning with nowhere to be, I feel such a sense of peace and clarity I almost forget the days that brought so much chaos to my life and the lives around me.

No longer am I a slave to the herds of people that stomp over people to get a “deal”; no longer do I have to leave my Holiday celebrations early to give time to a field that could care less about me; no longer do I have to lose sleep over something so materialistic and actually unnecessary. (What most people fail to realize is the great “deals” they are rushing in for today will continue to be that price, or even better through Christmas) Alas the populous has been brainwashed to think otherwise.

So for me and my house, we call this Green Friday; for the color Green makes me think of relaxing pastures watching cows and horses eat their food with not a care in the world. I hope there are those out there that one day will be able to enjoy this day like I am; it does start with choice though. (Of course, ha!)

Agape Love,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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