Happy Sunday everyone!! Hope you all are having a great weekend and are falling more in love with Jesus than ever before. I would ask that you keep my daughter in law and her family in your prayers today. She lost her grandmother yesterday and although she was 94 years old, loss is still never easy no matter the circumstances. Please pray that the family would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not really Death but instead the beginning of her true life! Amen? Thank you all so much!

Ok, I never cease to be amazed at (and I’m sorry for this) about how clueless some so called believers are….I get on Twitter this morning to check the news and people are absolutely losing their minds about Lauren Dangle. Lauren is an up and coming artist who is in the Christian genre. She claims to be a Christian and as far as that is concerned, its good enough for me; that is between her and God. Anyways….I guess she has been making the rounds on talk shows promoting her new album which is great! How many times do Christian artists get the chance to go around on “secular” shows to showcase their God given talent. Here is where people are losing their minds….

She apparently was asked on Ellen (I believe it was Ellen) if Homosexuality was a sin. I will paraphrase her here but basically her response was her saying she didn’t know for sure and told Ellen (or whoever) that she is still learning and always has people read the Bible for themselves for clarity. Again, I’m paraphrasing but that was the just of her response. Well the Twitter onslaught began with people saying all kinds of judgmental comments which I wont give them power here by repeating them but suffice it to say, these folks must lead the perfect life and be sinless….(JOKING)

A few thoughts…

1. Of course Lauren knows homosexuality is a sin. Just like she knows lying, overeating, hating people, etc is a sin. Clearly Lauren is just a fledgling at answering questions like that on a national stage and didn’t want to cause commotion on a live show. Did she miss an opportunity? Maybe, maybe not.But the second thing is what all those judgmental people missed…

2. She referred people to the WORD OF GOD. In other words, she wants GOD to be the authority on such matters not her. PERFECT! Is that not the Truth? Have we become so great and so knowledgeable of the Scriptures that we are even above God?

3. I seem to remember someone else being really scared and denying Christ altogether (3 times); we all know how that turned out…

4. Do we really think that when Jesus was preaching to folks that He pointed out their sin every chance He got? I seem to remember that being reserved for the Pharisees. THAT should tell us something; it was always a message of love and I could tell that was partly Lauren’s motive for the way she answered that question.

Friends, we just have to STOP. Stop thinking we have it all together and have become so perfect that we have the right to judge others for what they do or what they don’t do. For all those people that condemned Lauren for her response, I promise you with enough time I could find out something about each one of those peoples lives that would expose them in the same way. NO ONE is perfect and we are all at different points in our walk with God. Again, did Lauren miss an opportunity there? Maybe? Maybe not. Maybe she answered that question exactly the way the Holy Spirit directed her to. She never said homosexuality WASN”T a sin, she simply referred others to God’s Word to find out for themselves.

Sounds like some of us need to spend some time there as well….

Agape Love,


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  1. Yeah, I’m amazed (in a bad way) at some of the religious Christians as well. It’s not like Oprah Winfrey claiming Jesus isn’t the only Way. She simply referred viewers to the Bible.
    ” For all those people that condemned Lauren for her response, I promise you with enough time I could find out something about each one of those peoples lives that would expose them in the same way.” – Oh, how true that is! Especially of me and my private life.


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