Good morning my friends! Just a big thank you for those that have stuck with me here. The last couple of months have been, shall we say difficult? So I haven’t been writing quite as much. Some of you have disappeared while others truly remain loyal followers and in some cases pretty good friends. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now, hold on tight……


I have to tell you all that recently I have become much more engaged on Twitter and it has been such an eye opening experience. I have seen a lot of evil, a lot of good, a lot of funny, but what I am writing about today for me is the most disturbing thing I have seen yet; the resurrection spirit of the Pharisees…..

I have seem more judgmental comments and actions from people that claim to love Jesus than I have ever seen from unbelievers. The worst part of it is they feel justified to act this way! “Well, we are called to judge others” WRONG! The Bible is clear about the measure of judgement you show to others and how that will wind up.

Let me ask you all this question? Did Jesus command us to go judge and defend Him? Did He tell us now that we have accepted His free gift of salvation that we are to use that gift to shame and ridicule others? I take it one step further and ask you in all the Bible did you EVER see Jesus shame the sinners into salvation? If you did your reading a different Bible than me. The people that Jesus consistently “threw under the bus” were the Religious Scholars aka Pharisees of the day. Make sense?


I understand the world we live in makes it hard. I understand that we get angry when we see the world falling apart right before our eyes but don’t you think Jesus knew this would happen? Why do you think He gave us the greatest commandment of all…TO LOVE! Please spare me the “I’m saying this in love” No your not, lets be real. If you were saying anything in love it would be the way Jesus did. (John 13:34) We have become in a sense mini-gods bent on our own vanity about how well we can recite the Scriptures (And oh by the way Lucifer knows the Scriptures better than any of us will), how proud we are when we attend church, how awesome we are because we help out in a specific ministry and how sinless we are that we can call out people for something they did or didn’t do.

Friends, Satan is literally doing NOTHING! We are doing his bidding for him and all the while we think we are doing it in love just like the Pharisees. It breaks my heart to see and it breaks God’s as well. Did Jesus chastise Peter for denying Him three times? No! We know that because of the great work that Peter went on to do because of the forgiveness of Christ. If Jesus does not “call us out” on our sins to others who are we do to that? (Cough Cough Lauren Dangle)


I think we all need to just stop for a moment and get back to the basics. Yes we are to defend our faith but with little words and more action! Yes we are a New Creation in Christ but that makes you no better than anyone else; simply redeemed. Don’t use that gift to boost your own egos and get a greater following but instead use that gift to love others in a life changing way that they would SEE Christ in you; not just hear about Him.

Have a blessed Saturday my friends!

Agape Love,


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  1. Well said! I agree with you about Twitter I don’t use Twitter very much maybe do like one tweet A-day or a couple thought it’s crazy all the stuff that’s on there is definitely different and word press it reminds me more of the discuss form battles I have before I started my blog where I was talking with literal nazis and people like that. I got on Twitter to share the gospel but it becomes like a huge holy huddle with a bunch of in fighting. It is very strange.

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  2. Indeed! Love is of paramount importance for all believers. 1 Corinthians 13 examines this in detail. How many of us can truthfully say, “Well, yes, my life is the epitome of God’s definition of love!”
    “Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love–but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Cor. 13:13
    As for squabbling over biblical issues, take a look at Romans 14:1, “Accept other believers who are weak in faith, and don’t argue with them about what they think is right or wrong.”
    Thanks for continually sharing your faith, David.


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