Your Enemy

Make no mistake, Satan will always attack what God has you on mission for. We are in a war people!!

Agape Love,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

3 thoughts on “Your Enemy”

  1. I’m sitting here cracking up, because last night I was having a fit. Some dear reader finally caught the typo in my TITLE that has been staring us all in the face for over a year. I had come to the conclusion that my blog is a big part of how God wants to use me, and that’s where He let this obsessive English teacher get caught in a blunder. (“Carelessness! Didn’t you proofread???”) The REALLY funny part of it is that the most recent post is about garbage that has been right there for months without my seeing it. So fitting, and so typical of the Lord’s sense of humor! Gotta go correct that thing now … or maybe I’ll let it sit a bit longer. It IS pretty hilarious.

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