My Struggle

Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend; I am wrapping up some time with my Bride’s side of the family and headed home later this afternoon. Prayers would be appreciated as I make the 3 hour trip back home.

So, today’s message will be a little different; this one is about me. About me in the sense that I have a real problem that I know I’m not alone in; so, maybe by me telling my story it will help someone else along the way…

MY BIGGEST STRUGGLE is losing this weight. As I type this message I am pushing almost 400 pounds. I have already had one hip replacement and I am only 47 years old. When I was younger losing weight was not an issue but now times have changed and I’m just at a loss. I have started and stopped with so many different things that I am almost at the point of giving up. It’s funny because whenever I go to the doctor my bloodwork comes back perfect. You name it, my levels are in line, however, I know its just a smoke screen for my heart and body will only support this weight for so much longer….

Some will say, “you just have to want it bad enough”. Usually that statement comes from someone that is already skinny and just looking to tone up. They have never faced the struggles I have when it comes to food and that makes the whole thing harder. Sometimes, reality wins over will…Can anyone relate? I only wish the way I feel this morning, completely sore and sick to my stomach, would pop up right before I eat that pizza or candy or bad food of choice but alas it never does. All I can think about is how good the food will taste. I know I’m weak and YES I have given this to God, but I simply always lose the fight.

Again, I share this with you all not to get your sympathy but to hopefully let someone else know that may struggle with this that your not alone. I grew up with a mom whose version of cooking was picking up McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendy’s and its been downhill ever since. I just don’t know what to do anymore for I want to live as long as I can to spend as much time as possible with my family but how I get there, I just don’t know anymore…As with all things I will continue to give this to God though, praying for a miracle….



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  1. You’re not alone. Honestly though my condition is much better than you but…no matter what…thing is most of us say that weight doesn’t matter at all but it is important for health. It’s not necessary to be thin as celebs but to a health point…we all should

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  2. Thanks for your transparency in sharing your struggle with weight. Know I’m praying for you. I’m trying to get rid of some unneeded pounds myself. Like me, you didn’t get to your current weight overnight. Shedding them won’t happen overnight either. I’m trying to do a better job being intentional about what I eat. Also, I am tackling it 10-20 lbs at a time instead of setting a big weight loss goal like 50-80 lbs (for example). Being more active is also important but it’s hard to do initially due to lower energy because of the added weight and poor conditioning. Maybe start with a small goal and making tweaks to your lifestyle (diet, activity). Thanks again for sharing your trials. Know you’re not alone.

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  3. Wow, great post! It was so real and vulnerable. I do understand, I have struggled with bulimia myself. It is so hard. Society definitely makes it harder.
    I use to weight myself 2-3 days, I abused dietetics and laxatives for years and last year during 21 days of prayer God said no more. I threw out my diuretics and laxatives and I haven’t used them since. Binging and just not eating at all is still something I’m struggling with but better than I use to be. For me I think it’s been getting free from past hurts, rejection, and abuse….changing my “Go to” to God Instead of food but I don’t always get it right. I know freedom is coming though🙌🏻
    You are not alone, praying for you my friend!🙏🏻🙏🏻

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