LIFE IS all about balance. This is something that I am finding out recently and in a big way. (This post will be an opinion piece so its ok if you disagree, but its where I am at right now…)

Lately, as I am sure many of you have been as well, are very frustrated with the things going on in the world. Abortion, Racism, Scriptural misleading, you name it there is plenty to be aggravated over. Sometimes I just have to stop and ask myself (and God), how much worse can it get? How much worse does it have to get before God steps in and takes care of business? Then the natural flow goes to the point where I start lashing out at these groups and before you know it my witness is out the window. So what do we do? Well, the answer is simple but the process is not….

1. We must let God be God– I promise you, as I am finding out, God does not need a defense attorney. He has everything worked out and as hard as that is to see sometimes, He is firmly in control of everything. Yes, all of this breaks His heart, but the whole free will thing can be tricky…

2. Vengeance is for God and God alone– Just like above, there are certain things that belong to Him and Him alone. The minute we let our anger and emotion start playing a role (like I do all the time) we give the Enemy a foothold and our cause is lost. We must know and accept our role which is to love others and share His truth.

3. The world needs Truth, not our opinion– So often when we get caught in these rabbit holes of despair, we forget that our words are not Truth, HIS words are. This happens in the Church a lot because we are so convinced that we are experts in Theology, that we have closed our minds to learning and therefore made our hearts closed to others outside the church buildings. For example, God says that homosexuality is a sin; He also says looking at another with lust is a sin or hatred for our brother or sister is a sin, yet in our OPINION, the homosexuality one is the sin we always focus on. Truth is Truth only when it is given in the context it was sent to us. The world needs God’s Truth, not our altered version of it.

Friends, God has been doing a lot of construction on me lately. It has made for some interesting times to say the least. I spend more times confused than not and more times frustrated than not, but I know at the end of the day, He is in control and that this is part of the process. There is a lot of “world” for God to remove from me, how about you? What is it that God has been trying to correct you on for years, yet your too stubborn to do? For me this week it has been about vengeance; I give that to God and will do my best to never take it back. Anger is from the Enemy and quite frankly, I have had just about enough of his crap…Amen?

Have a blessed Monday my friends,


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  1. My carnal nature leads me to resist God in every way, but He is faithful. What a great God! In our confusion and rebellion He sticks closer than a brother. 🙂 Keep pressing on, God is working on your behalf.

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  2. A post I can relate to, as well, my brother. How to live out our witness when we live in the flesh. Thanks for your humility. I’m working on a post now and stopped in frustration. The post, which I will finish, is about a broken witness. Praise God He loves us all!

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  3. Hmm so very true. He’s doing his good work in me as well Dav. Its not easy but I know He’s able and daily I’m getting there. He’s been correcting me on the way I may speak to others. I have the tendency of answering aggressively (when my mind is heavy) and I repented twice this week concerning that and I’m getting better and changing day by day. Blessings to you.

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  4. Great post! I too have asked that question. How much longer will badness continue in this ever growing wicked world? However, I’m reminded of God’s patience and graciousness at 2 Peter 3:9 which says, “Jehovah is not slow concerning his promise, as some people consider slowness, but he is patient with you because he does not desire anyone to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance.” I have to humbly acknowledge that, despite the wicked and how they affect me, there are still honest hearted people in this world that God is still working on. Once that work is complete, then we will see Jehovah’s vengeance in action. We have to be patient as he is. Thank you for these reminders.

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