Better Days Are Coming

HELLO EVERYONE and welcome to the weekend. Would you believe that I am sick again?? Seems like every weekend there is something else going on that sets me and my family back a few notches. Well, Jesus never promised an easy life just one that would be filled with a new hope and a new destiny when all is said and done Amen?

So first let me address something that most of my readers understand but there are some newbies that may not so here goes; I will always be real in my writing. If I feel happy, I will write about it. If I feel sad, I will write about it. If I feel like Satan himself has me surrounded and I’m desperate for Jesus to intervene, I will write about it. And if I just want to get back to the basics like my previous post this morning, I will write about that as well. With me, you get truth, honesty, and something that is missing from many Christians these days; REALITY.

The reality of life, even with Jesus, is there are going to be times where life just plain stinks. There is precedence for this as the Scriptures are filled with Born Again believers that encounter hard times and are not afraid to write about it. Life with Christ is not about putting on a fake smile, always saying everything is great, and denying what you are actually going through. Jesus will always meet you where you are at so there is no need to be anything but honest with Him and with others. Hopefully this clears things up; my writing is not for everyone and that is ok; just know with me I will always be honest with where I am. Amen?

ALL OF THAT SAID; there are better days ahead! We don’t always FEEL that way but the Bible tells us our feelings can deceive us and that is why we need to hold onto not our feelings but God’s truth. God’s truth tells us that no matter what you are going through now, that one day there will be no more death, pain, or tears. That my friends is the truth, what you are feeling now, as real as it is, is only temporary.

Friends, I know when you are in the middle of trials that never seem to end, that it is difficult to imagine a time where all will be as the passage out of Revelation tells us. Rest assured though it is coming; either when our current bodies pass away or when Jesus comes back, it will happen. Let’s try and keep the focus on that today and remind the Enemy when he attacks that his time is almost up! God won our battle on the Cross, we just have to lean on His Truth He left behind. Amen?

God bless everyone!


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  1. Hello, dear friend! I am glad that you are honest and share the reality of what it means to be a human that has been changed by Christ forever. What a wonderful testimony of faith in Christ. The Psalms are full of such honesty, not to mention our poor Suffering Prophet, Jeremiah. If you read Lamentations 1-3:1-20, there is a whole lot of devastating honesty!

    In all of the psalms (but one), there is a “shape” in which they end in a turn of attention to the Source and surety of their hope, to that future day when God’s promise will be fulfilled and all evil vanquished forever. One can feel the surging of strong and raw appeal to God toward that hope. It is the same hope that draws me through the darkness to Christ, who is our Light. I think your entire website testifies to the hope that you have. I think your critic was only concerned for the “weaker brethren or ‘sistren'” (g) that may not have the hope that is couched within your framework. Not that you change your writing style, but perhaps a footnote, when needed, of scripture references that will guide the mind through the darkness and into right-mindedness in Christ; a pointer, a compass.

    In my personal experience, falsely honeyed optimism (even Christianized) fails us, true that; but meeting each other on dark ground is only good if we can be Christ in their darkness to point the way out. That is the Christian’s privilege, honor and mission, not a restriction. I enjoy your website and your precious spirit, yet I am an old, old Christian and have that framework of Christian life to understand you with. I know so many, however, that swill weakly in the darkness as if it is a shroud. UP! we say. Look up! Your Redemption draweth nigh! Grace to all in the Lord’s Name.

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