Gentle Words

SOMETIMES WE JUST DON”T realize how powerful our words and actions are in not only our lives but the lives of others….

Last night my Bride and went with my middle son and his Bride to grab a bite to eat and see a movie; not just any movie but the movie Unplanned. What I saw in the next two hours put me through a roller coaster of emotions that I wasn’t ready for…

As some of you know my mother had an abortion when I was just 13 years old; long before I became a Christ follower. Even then, however, I saw the full effects of abortion not only for the baby but for the mom as well. I saw the soul get sucked out of my mom that day; a soul that never returned unfortunately.

So right from the start I have been Pro-Life and even more so when I became a Christian. Up until this point I really didn’t know how to fully support my cause other than to have disgust for women that could do such a evil and grotesque action against their own child. Again, I saw what it did to my mom and it filled me with an even bigger rage; a rage that has become very un-Christ like….

So when we went to the movie last night, I figured what I would see would just reinforce that rage and I would become even more of a “Champion” for the unborn. I was only half right in that assessment…

What I saw in that movie was not Pro-Life people filled with rage and disgust, but a true love for those women that drove them to give other options both to the women going into the clinic and those that worked there as well. What I learned was an interesting statistic that if you think about it is really not that surprising..

“The No-Show rate for women that schedule an abortion rises up to 75% when the people outside the fences are on their knees praying vs. holding up picket signs and screaming at them

Wow, all of a sudden I felt guilty myself! I have been one of those people on the outside of the fences with the picket signs. I have only done that a couple of times but still felt like I had someway helped push those women that day into that horrible decision. Back to roller coaster…..

I wont give away the details but suffice it to say this movie holds back nothing; it is very graphic and very raw about what an abortion looks like, what the effects are, and what lies are told in these centers. It also is not your typical “feel good” Christian movie; yes it brings God into it but it centers itself around facts and real medical situations. I don’t know how even the most dedicated Pro-Choice person can leave this movie not feeling at least a little changed.

So what now? Well, Abby Johnson is making a huge difference since leaving Planned Parenthood and exposing the evil that really goes on there. Thing about it, just like the movie, she is doing it with Grace, with Love, and just presenting facts. No name calling, no judgment, just remorse and a desire to help others have a true option for their lives. For me, I think we should all follow Abby’s lead here. Put down the picket signs, stop posting pictures of dismembered babies and utilize the most powerful weapon in our fight against evil; PRAYER!

There is no sin too great that God cannot heal you from and offer forgiveness. A lot of progress has been made recently in our fight for the unborn, let’s continue that fight by offering the same forgiveness and love to those that oppose us. Let us finish this fight in the way Christ called us to; LOVE. Amen?

In Christ,


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