GOOD SUNDAY MORNING everyone! Just wanted to take a second right off the bat and thank each of you that were praying for my Bride and I as we went to our first ever Prayer Vigil for Right to Life. It was an amazing experience; one that wont be long forgotten but I know it was due in huge part on the prayers of His people, Amen?

We had only been to one of these type events before; when I was the Youth Pastor at our church in Florida, we went and protested on a street corner holding signs and locked in solidarity. If you have ever lived in South Florida, you understand that people there have no filter and most were not happy we were there. I remember being called all kinds of things and being most amazed that these were the same people calling for us to be tolerant….Anyway, it was also a moving experience but last night was different. This was right in front of Planned Parenthood; we were taking the fight right to the Enemy’s doorstep.

So the facility was closed but you could still feel the Enemy lurking around just looking for an opportunity to cause chaos. I honestly did not know what to expect but knew we were called to be there. When the sunset hit, we lit our candles and pretty much on cue, the insults started from drivers by. The most interesting one though was being called a “racist MFer”. I mean the second part I was accustomed to but racist? I didn’t see the correlation; however it was clear the Enemy was intimidated with 200+ prayer warriors at his camp with God Himself among us so he was just throwing anything he could to distract us.

What it also showed me is that people are scared; they are scared of this world and the only way they know how to react is to lash out. Our group was good and never responded to the evil except for one lady just yelled back, “Jesus loves you”; remember friends, we can NEVER respond to evil with more evil, our response should always be with Love and Grace.

From beginning to end the whole thing was really outside my comfort zone, but like I said yesterday, our most growing happens when we live outside our comfort zones. Especially in the days we are living in now, we need people to be firm yet loving in speaking out against the evils in this world. We need to be more like Jesus every day and show the world that there is another way; that you don’t have to live tied down to the world and its bondage not just with abortion but with ALL of life itself. Jesus Christ gave us another option on the Cross of Calvary and we are called to give a voice to that option today!

Friends, thank you again for all your prayers and support; we have made a lot of progress in this fight for the unborn and for that I am truly excited and proud. However, we still have much work to do! We cannot stop until abortions become illegal once and for all and women are healed and shown another way. There is another way…..

In Christ,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

2 thoughts on “Success!”

  1. I find it ironic that those who profess science as truth, fail to admit that today’s science today: sonograms and other scientific tests confirms a beating heart within 10 days of conception. (When I was in high school, a fetus was considered simply a blob of cells even when the Bible stated otherwise.) “As for me and my house, I will serve the Lord!” Well done – keep inspiring Truth!

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