Call Upon His Name

THERE ARE TIMES TO SPEAK and there are times to be silent; this is one of those times where I must speak. Before I get too far into this, I issue this disclaimer before the hate mail gets written.

I have many Catholic friends who I love and treasure; I believe that many of those Catholic friends love the Lord Jesus Christ with all their heart and will spend eternity in Paradise. So know that what I am about to write is with that in mind and comes from a place of simply love and concern.

Ok here we go….I have seen a lot over the last week; more than I have seen during any Holy Week since I gave my heart to Christ. Not sure why this year was any different but everything in God’s timing right? So what I have seen has broken my heart and as I said before, left me with a heart of concern. Let me describe it…

  • I have heard a lot of discussion of folks going to church services but hardly any discussion of why they are going there.
  • I have heard a lot of discussion about different rituals such being observed but hardly any discussion of why they are doing it.
  • I have heard a lot of discussion as to how important this holiday is to them but almost zero discussion of why that is.

Friends, if you study history in the Church or even before that in the Temple one thing always repeats itself; when we give more attention to the rituals and man made laws, we get further and further away from God and His Truth. What Truth you ask? The Truth above that ALL those that call upon the Lord will be saved. (Yes it really is that simple if you call on Him with pure intention….)

Mass, Sunday Service, lighting special candles, not eating certain foods for a month, can all be great things but if you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Personal Lord and Savior the ending will still be the same. There will be no one to “pray you out of hell”, there will be no second chances once your last breath is gone. The decision will have been made and your eternal destination awaits….

Do you know where you eternal destination lies? Has there ever been a time where you asked Jesus to be your Savior? Have you asked HIM to forgive your sins (not another properly dressed official). This is so important because without that, none of the other stuff matters. I am not here to tell you how to worship, the Bible is pretty clear on these things so I encourage you to do some research there but what I am here to tell you is we need to stop playing RELIGION and enter into that RELATIONSHIP that will save your soul and give you a life that you never thought possible. Stop the worship of buildings and people and give it to God who is the ONLY One worthy of our worship and of our praise.

In closing, I found it very interesting the reaction of the Notre Dame fire in Paris this week. I saw many react to the great loss of history and to the building itself. I took this as a sign; stop worshipping the wrong things and get back to our first love, the Savior of all mankind; the One that died a cruel death that was meant for you and for me. Give God your praise today; ask the Holy Spirit to fill your heart with His Love, His Grace, and His Truth. Amen?

Love in Christ,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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