Danger Coming

SO IT HAS BEEN A COUPLE OF WEEKS since I wrote a longer post. It has been a busy time but today I had something so strong on my heart, I knew I had to share it. I pray you are ready to receive this…..

The last few months has been a series of wins for the Pro-Life movement; many states have adopted what is called the Heartbeat Bill which eliminates abortions after a heartbeat is detected or like Alabama a complete ban on abortions; even making it a felony charge to the person performing it. These are great strides in the effort to turn over Roe Vs. Wade and I fully expect this trend to continue. We will have more wins and I would go as far as saying it would not surprise me at all if Roe Vs.Wade is turned over in the next few years.

So where is the danger you ask? Well, I have said for a while that the Enemy knows his time is short so he will be doing everything in his limited power to hurt and destroy us. Well, not only is his time short but its about 1 minute to midnight…

The danger comes in where, well, let me put it like this; have you ever seen an animal when he has been attacked and is fighting for his life? It can get pretty ugly; so it will be here soon with our Enemy. You can already see the demonic possessions taking place all over the country with the sick, vile things being said and done to each other. People throwing children from 5 stories up in a mall, suicide rates higher than ever before, evil twisted lifestyles that if we don’t accept we are labeled as haters, the list goes on and on. But friends, it will get worse…much worse…

A war is coming, a war that will end all wars because it is not just flesh and bones but a spiritual war of the magnitude that has never been seen before. My question for all of you is are you ready? Have you truly given your life to Jesus Christ and have put on His armor of protection? If you haven’t you will not survive this war and the eternal judgment getting ready to be carried out on the world. Soon, very soon I believe, true persecution of God’s people is about to begin in this country. Do you have the protection necessary to endure this time?

Please friends, make that commitment today if you never have before; its not too late but soon it will be. Choose this day whom you will serve and be protected by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!



Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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