New Direction

Hello everyone and welcome to Saturday! I want to thank all of you for your prayers as it would seem that this virus I have had for seemingly forever is finally gone. They are calling it a “Summer Virus”; I have another name for it but that wouldn’t be so nice. Anyway, thank you again as the power of prayer is so needed and appreciated.

New direction…when I started this blog a couple of years ago, I had one subject matter on my heart. To show people just how corrupt the Church has become and how far we have strayed from the intent of why Jesus established the Church to begin with…While I still look upon the American Church as more of a business than a Spiritual refuge and place for souls to be won, I feel as if the time has come to change directions in my message.

Why? Well I have come to the conclusion that there is enough reporting on the bad in the world and it is time to start telling people about the good. Sure, the Church needs work but the Church is not the Gospel, nor does it save us from an eternity in hell, Jesus does! Why not tell THAT story? Why not tell the world how He took someone as pitiful and corrupt as me and offered eternal life both in the one to come and to an extent even now?

I have been listening to a lot of motivational speakers recently and no matter the subject that they are talking about, there is one thing in common…People are desperate for good news. They are tired of living in depression, anxiety, suffering, and never being able to be the person that they know they could be; they are simply looking for Truth. That is the type of content you can expect from me going forward; except the Truth that I speak will one of sound Biblical principles that will hopefully provide the answers people are so desperately seeking.

Friends, I thank you so much for continuing this journey with me; especially as it takes a new turn. With that said, I will only be posting a blog post once a week. I will continue though to put daily content on my Twitter (@David_Fischer71) and Instagram (@david_a_fischer71) so please join me there as well.

To God Be The Glory and have a blessed and productive Saturday!


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  1. David, I think your change in direction is a good idea. The increase in depression and anxiety seems to be related to people turning away from God and trying to follow after their own versions of truth. Without actual Truth, they will always have a sense of loss or incompleteness. Perhaps you can help them some with that.

    I am excited about the prospect of you focusing on Biblical principles. I know you shared Bible verses and principles before, but I hope with you only posting once a week you will be able to dedicate more time to your posts. By the way, I am not saying that you didn’t in the years prior. Don’t take my previous sentences the wrong way. I just think that when one doesn’t have the pressure of posting every day it can help make what is shared to be more in-depth or comprehensive.




  2. Love the change of direction you have decided to take!! I completely agree with all that you said. There’s already SO much darkness, evil, sadness, gloom, despair and hate, that it only burdens people down more when they hear about it. We already know how evil this world is, so why not do like what you said, and show people how loved they are? Thanks so much for all that you do!! Your posts are very encouraging to read. Have an amazing rest of the Summer!! ❤

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  3. Yes! How we need to see the intersection Christ actually makes in our lives on a daily basis! Because He IS! He Lives! And this makes all the difference! He’s not just an idea, He is a precious and life-embuing reality…an cataract of living water to thirsty, parched souls! I believe people wander when they don’t see evidence of a living Christ out of our lives or our mouths. How a certain truth is coming to life in our daily life journey and transforming us into His image. That is what is happening right in the midst of falsehoods in and out of the church. And that is what stabilizes–when people see the truth of the Cross in action. We will never be rid of hypocrisy (in us or in the church or out of it) in this world, but to see the Kingdom of Heaven in this world….that is a different story altogether!

    One more thing….I am glad that you are making a decision to not burden yourself with trying to publish something everyday. I always think of Tozer on this. The legend is that he refused to write “on contract”, determining in his heart that his pen would only move when the Spirit moved it, and not by some contract or calender requirement. It’s like having a conversation with a friend….I rarely chat with the same friends daily, but when we have something to say to each other we make contact.

    I am so happy that you are on the mend and look forward to your posts and “new direction”.

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    1. Tamara- THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to write this response. In this online world we live in, its hard to know that what you are doing is making a difference or simply that you are headed in the right direction. Have a blessed day my friend!! 🙂


      1. I figure that the most important difference we make in this world happens face to face with those who know us best and who see us respond to life in real-time. We respond to each other. Words are second best, though through God’s grace, they can “turn a thought” in our readers toward Christ. We may never know who has gained from our words (and I always figure that to be a blessing lest any of us fall into either pride or despair), but you can be sure that if the Lord has prompted you, then you’re in the right direction–feedback not necessary. Enjoyed, encouraging and helpful, but not necessary! 😀 I have always enjoyed reading you and look forward to even more. 😀

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