Hello everyone! Welcome once again to another blog post by yours truly. I pray you all had a great week and are ready to enjoy some down time; I know that I definitely am. One thing before I start, if you haven’t yet followed me on Twitter, simply click and join me there for some daily insights. Thanks!

Plans..we all have them. It isn’t a bad thing, in fact its a great thing! We should never go through life just randomly doing things along the way. No matter how small or big our focus is, we should plan and have a goal both short term and long term. Just one small thing…

Whose plan is it? Is it your plan or God’s?

For the unbeliever, this won’t apply. You have made the choice that you are your own god and you are in it for you and you alone. Make no mistake, that is a choice. But for the believer in Christ, this fact is essential. The Scriptures are clear..

You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.”-Proverbs 19:21

Ever wonder why the things you have planned never seem to work out? Sometimes its because you just are not ready for that stage in your life; sometimes its because you are not putting in the work; most times though it is because we have not gone to God and made sure that what our desires are line up with His.

Again my friends, plans are great, but only those that serve the Lord’s purpose will prevail. Today, go to God and ask Him “Lord, what are your plans for me? I have this idea on my heart but want to make sure it will be able to bring You Glory and have you leading the way”. Amen?

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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  1. So true! Unless the Lord builds the house, the house is built in vain. Sometimes we feel rushed and consumed with much to do. It may feel hard to take time to “inquire of the Lord,” but we may waste a lot of time charging ahead without Him.

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