Since choices often result in eternally significant consequences, we must choose in line with God’s principles.“- Steven J. Cole

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend! I have a lot to put out here so lets get right to it shall we? One word before you keep reading though, there is a high degree of probability this message will offend you so if you think that will be you, stop now…However, if you are ready for some truth, please, keep reading and keep your seat belts on….

Still with me? Great! So choice….So many times I see people that live a certain way or think a certain way and they always say “I have no choice”. FALSE. You ALWAYS have a choice in what you do, say, or believe. Let me give you some examples..

  1. You make the choice to start your day off in a positive way or a negative one.
  2. You make the choice to reject Jesus Christ as Savior.
  3. You make the choice to accept Jesus Christ as Savior.
  4. You make the choice to lead a Gay lifestyle.
  5. You make the choice to lead a Straight lifestyle.
  6. You make the choice to be cheat on your spouse.
  7. You make the choice to honor your vows and not cheat on your spouse.
  8. You make the choice to lie.
  9. You make the choice to be a man or woman of honor with your word.
  10. You make the choice to run towards sin or away from it.

I could go on and on with this list but these are some of the big ones. Again, these are all very conscious choices we make every single day. Unfortunately, we live in a current world where people are not held accountable for their actions. (Well, some are but that topic is for another post). So when we make the choice to do wrong or something against the will of God, its accepted and all the world is supposed to be fine with it and not “judge”.

This climate has led to one very disturbing thing…Not only has the world become one with accepting sin and choices that lead to sin but so has the Church and its members.

Pastors aren’t preaching on Hell anymore; why? They are afraid of losing members which will of course hurt their pocket book. Pastors aren’t preaching on homosexual lifestyle and how to be delivered from it; why? Same reason. People in the Church aren’t confronting the evil in the world; why? They don’t want to be attacked for their faith so they take it to Social Media and that is where it stops. In the real world most are so silent you can hear the proverbial pin drop. Why??

Have you forgotten the cost of the Cross??

Have you forgotten all that God gave up so YOU could be the Light of the World both here and in the life to come?

Have you forgotten how many times you have fallen and Jesus was still right there loving you and picking you up?

Yet silent you sit because your afraid to stand up for your faith! That is a choice too you know…Peter made the same choice…However just like Peter, there is still time to turn it around. There is still time to make the choice to stand up and make whatever sacrifice is necessary to make your voice heard for the Gospel.

Must we do this in love? Of course! We don’t need to engage in mindless back and forth bickering online or in person. If someone’s heart and mind is closed there is nothing we can do about that; its not our job to worry about the results. What is our job is to shout to the world the following Truths and more:

  1. Jesus Christ is the Risen Savior of all Mankind; without Him there is no escaping the judgment of our sin for all eternity in Hell.
  2. Abortion is murder with NO exception.
  3. Being Gay is a choice; you choose to live that life just as a Straight person would choose to cheat on their spouse or sleep with many partners.
  4. Lying to others is a choice. Be a man/woman of strong character and accept your path.
  5. There is no choice you have made that is unforgivable. God loves you more than you can imagine and wants NO ONE to perish.

So, what is your choice today? Every minute of every day you make a choice. Some are bigger than others but still you make a choice. For your eternal one, just how much faith do you have? Will you be like Peter before the crucifiction and deny Jesus and His teachings? Or will you be like Stephen who was stoned to death for preaching his faith in Jesus?

One choice leads to life, the other to the Second Death. Choose wisely this day for you cannot serve two masters. One hates you and wants you with him in Hell, the other loves you so much He let Himself be tortured beyond measure so you could live!

Make the right choice…


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