Time Is Almost Up

How seriously do you take your eternal life? Is it something that you give any time to think about and its importance? Maybe your saying this morning, “I have my whole life to deal with that” or “There is no eternal life, I’m born, I die, that’s it” Well in both cases you would be extremely wrong. There is an eternal life that you will choose where to spend, and your time to choose is almost up….

I see a world around us that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. A world where killing a newborn baby is acceptable; a world where gender has no place; a world where the very church itself has become so corrupt and indistinguishable from the world that it no longer has any effect on the salvation of humanity (it has simply become a place to have our emotional fix and make us feel better); and finally a world where we have a second generation of people saying with bold voices, “God, we don’t want you in our nation or in our lives, WE GOT THIS” Well, folks, the clock is almost at midnight and I can assure you that you ain’t got this…not even close.

See Jesus’ promise of coming back is very real, so is your eternal destination. You will spend eternity after you die either in the presence of God Himself with the promise of no more pain, no more suffering, and a joy that cannot be described by human language. OR, you can choose to spend eternity in a very real place called Hell, where you will be all alone without God or anyone else, in a state of eternal torture that again can not be described with human language. God will provide justice to the sin that exists in the world which makes this place necessary, however, make no mistake it is YOU that makes the choice to go there. God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross of Calvary to take your place in the penalty box of sin. All we have to do is choose to give our lives to Him and start following His ways and not the ways of our selfish desires anymore.

Friends, not many are preaching this anymore and time is too short so lovingly you will hear more and more of this from me because I want each of you to join me in the same Paradise that the thief next to Jesus is in. Stop worshipping Trump, Peloski, insert political name here for they can’t do anything for you! They all play for the same evil team and this nation is falling for it. Instead, today worship the only one that can change this land and the people in it. Most of all He is the only one that can provide the peace that passes all understanding both here and in the life to come.

Which path this day will you choose……

Agape Love,


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

4 thoughts on “Time Is Almost Up”

  1. Well expressed! Sometimes I feel silenced by the tolerant people around me which is so sad. Other times it’s difficult to formulate it in a loving way when we see how the people have been deceived and we want to shout out the Good News! Often it’s prayer that’s all that is left- hand it over to the Lord. Blessings, Elfriede

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  2. I think this is WHY my interest in politics is in the basement. The world isn’t supposed to get better. . . and, truthfully, I’m excited about the end of this temporal world. I can’t wait to watch eternity unfold. I have some family members who don’t believe (and may never), and that’s the only reason I’m grateful that the time is not now . . . I believe He’s still waiting for those with hardened hearts to turn to him. I know how very possible that is. Thank you for putting your honest opinion out there . . . it’s much needed.

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