Good morning my friends. It’s finally the weekend and boy did it seem like it took forever to get here. My prayer is that this week you became closer to our Savior than ever before.

Before I get into the main part of my message this morning, I just want to share an experience I had yesterday at work. We were asked to help the kids in Haiti that are really struggling to get a good meal by boxing up bagged meals of Rice, Beans, and dehydrated vegetables. This really impacted me because it was the first time I had ever done anything like this and it made me realize this…

You may complain about the political climate in this country but the fact is this; the minute you were born in the United States, with all its riches and opportunities, it was like winning the lottery. Most here will never know the hardship of wondering where your next meal will come from or when you do get it, it is a bag of rice and beans. From this guy to all of you, stop complaining, you have it better than most of these kids that we helped yesterday could even imagine of having it. Now, moving on. 🙂

For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under Grace”- Romans 6:14

Think about that verse for just a second…Now keep in mind this is for those that have given their life to the Savior Jesus Christ. If you have never made that decision, this will not make sense to you as sin is your master. You have no choice in the matter because the ruler of this world has you captive. For those that have made that decision, why do you still live as though you did when you were a slave to sin? Do you not understand that you are now free?

Or, is it that you indeed know you are free and are using that freedom to sin anyways knowing you are forgiven? Uh oh, maybe we stumbled upon something…

Let’s be honest fellow Christians; how many times have you said that cuss word, gave in to sexual temptation, or showed anger toward your brother or sister knowing it was wrong but thought, “God forgave me and He knows my heart anyway so I’ll just do it.” Whose with me? I’m preaching some truth no?

I include myself in this as well. Too often I have thought of my salvation as more of a “hell insurance” instead of what it should be; a New Way of life that God has called us to live. Not because we HAVE to but because we should DESIRE to. Amen? God says in His Word that when we are born again, we are a NEW CREATION; if we really believe that then why would we continue with attributes from our old, dead life? We are free my brothers and sisters! Free to live a holy, righteous life!

As always folks this boils down to choice. If you truly asked Jesus to be your Savior and asked Him to forgive your sins, I believe you are born again. Filled with His Holy Sprit and blessed in a new and special way. BUT, it doesn’t stop there. We must live in our new freedom with a sense of renewed purpose and passion. Passion to live a Holy and Righteous life knowing that we are now FREE from the chains of sin. FREE because of the price that our Savior paid on that Cross.

He is Risen!


Author: David A Fischer

Just a regular guy trying to get more like Christ every day!

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