Tell Others!

One of the biggest commands, not options, commands we have as Christ Followers is to tell others about Jesus. If you have been truly born again, you have a story to tell! A story that only you can tell; so today, tell someone that story about Jesus and how He changed your life! Agape Love,... Continue Reading →

I Just Don’t Know

I Just Don't Know... Words I never thought I would write. These days things are so crazy I honestly don't even know where to begin. I offer the following to open my case: 1. God has been kicked out of our country. 2. Genders are optional and most times made up. 3. Homosexuality is not... Continue Reading →

Been A While

Good morning everyone! Been a while since I have posted a blog but with the current events in the world I felt compared to issue a warning.... Friends, yes this virus is very real. Yes, it is spreading throughout the world at a rapid rate, yes people are dying from it. You know what else... Continue Reading →

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