Tell Others!

One of the biggest commands, not options, commands we have as Christ Followers is to tell others about Jesus. If you have been truly born again, you have a story to tell! A story that only you can tell; so today, tell someone that story about Jesus and how He changed your life!

Agape Love,


I Just Don’t Know

I Just Don’t Know…

Words I never thought I would write. These days things are so crazy I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I offer the following to open my case:

1. God has been kicked out of our country.

2. Genders are optional and most times made up.

3. Homosexuality is not considered a sin to be delivered from but embraced.

4. The destruction of the unborn is celebrated as “health care” and not what it is..murder.

5. Now we have a virus that while spread more rapidly is still a version of the flu; and what most people don’t realize is when this is all over more security will be lost then even after 9/11.

I could go on and on with why I just don’t know anymore….

Funny thing though…

Jesus knew….

Jesus knew over 2000 years ago that we would be entering a phase just like we are in now. He warned us. He told us that these days would come. He told us that when we saw all these things take place that His coming would be soon.

So while I don’t know anymore; I can rest easy that the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings knows….

Agape Love,


Been A While

Good morning everyone! Been a while since I have posted a blog but with the current events in the world I felt compared to issue a warning….

Friends, yes this virus is very real. Yes, it is spreading throughout the world at a rapid rate, yes people are dying from it. You know what else has those exact same attributes? The flu itself. I promise you that more people have died this year from the flu than from COVID-19.

So why the global panic? I feel this is by design. For years the powers that run this world have been searching for a way to usher in the New World Order that the Bible so clearly says is coming. So far it is working; people are begging to be isolated and for Government to take control. Be careful what you ask for friends….

Christians; you know who is at play here. I beg of you, don’t give in to the deception. Instead, use this opportunity to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ like never before! Nothing can stop what is coming, however, we can win some more souls along the way.

Keyboard is dying so this is all for now; you have been warned. What you do with the warning is up to you…

God bless,