Been A While

Good morning everyone! Been a while since I have posted a blog but with the current events in the world I felt compared to issue a warning….

Friends, yes this virus is very real. Yes, it is spreading throughout the world at a rapid rate, yes people are dying from it. You know what else has those exact same attributes? The flu itself. I promise you that more people have died this year from the flu than from COVID-19.

So why the global panic? I feel this is by design. For years the powers that run this world have been searching for a way to usher in the New World Order that the Bible so clearly says is coming. So far it is working; people are begging to be isolated and for Government to take control. Be careful what you ask for friends….

Christians; you know who is at play here. I beg of you, don’t give in to the deception. Instead, use this opportunity to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ like never before! Nothing can stop what is coming, however, we can win some more souls along the way.

Keyboard is dying so this is all for now; you have been warned. What you do with the warning is up to you…

God bless,


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  1. Great job! I don’t read all the posts with my husband, but the ones I do read to him are very powerful. I read yours to him. Be encouraged to continue in the work that the Lord Jesus has for you. You matter. It won’t be long now till we see our great King. I believe it with all my heart. God continue to bless you in Jesus name. Your sister in Christ, Donna Nielsen.

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  2. Yes! My last couple of posts have been about the pandemic and the unprecedented opportunity we have to spread the gospel. People are scared, realizing that the people and things they’ve depended on are not that dependable, coming face to face with their mortality, and becoming aware of the brevity of life and the vastness of eternity. The fields are ripe unto harvest!

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  3. BINGO! We were warned that a cataclysmic event would be orchestrated by the Deep State and this viral attack is it. The UN2020 is up and running – roughshod over our quality of life and plans for the future. The good thing is God chose us a strong President who will give us 4 more years to prepare and to brace ourselves for the final struggle against the evil forces of Revelation that are more active than an out of control train going downhill. If this is just a shaking, it’s a powerful one. I’m more afraid of the powers that shouldn’t be than I am of the virus. It Is Written.

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