Happy Saturday!

David Fischer


Good morning everyone and welcome to Saturday! I’m not sure about all of you but this has been a stressful week. At my job they have completed one round of layoffs and on Monday morning I find out if I am part of the second. Part of me is ok if I am because the severance package will be nice and I have been praying for a fresh start. Whether or not this is in God’s plan and timing, I guess will be determined in a couple of days.

In either case, I will do my best to find joy in the decision; these are unprecedented times and the one thing I am sure of is God’s plans are WAY better than mine.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10

Psalm 51.10

Its funny because when I sat down to write…

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Want Freedom?

Happy Friday everyone! Are you struggling with a particular sin and want freedom from it? Discouraged this morning that you are still dealing with it's trappings and destruction? Good news everyone; your not alone. I deal with this myself. Great news is; as Christians God has given us a Helper! A Helper known as the... Continue Reading →

Christian YouTube!

David Fischer

Hello everyone! I so appreciate everyone’s support here in my blog for the last few years. I have been blessed by you all and I hope I’ve made maybe just a small impact in your life through the messages God has given me.

What I ask today is that I could now have your support for my small but growing YouTube ministry as well. It’s really been put in my heart to do this for those that can relate better to watching a message versus reading it.

No worries I will still be writing this blog! I just now ask your support in this new venture by clicking the link below, subscribing to my channel, and sharing it with others. I appreciate you all so much and have a blessed day!

David’s YouTube Channel

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