We Must Unite (Or at least try)

Good morning everyone and Happy Saturday! I hope and pray that everyone had a great week and is ready for some down time this weekend. Work for me gets more stressful by the day, but I try not to let it consume me for I serve a God that loves me and has my back, Amen?

Ok, please note that I include myself in everything I am about to say…Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here we go!

America, we have a problem (And its deeper than you think).

Our problem this morning is that we have forgot to LISTEN. In this 24 hour news cycle we live in, we are so consumed with “news” and data that we spend all our time speaking and responding but never listening. We have our feet planted so firmly into the ground in our positions, that we never stop to actually LISTEN. You know who is becoming the worst of them all? Not Liberals, not Democrats, not Conservatives, not Republicans, but……(don’t leave me yet)…..Christians.

Yep, you guessed it US. WE are the problem. You may say, “why are WE the problem DAVID?” Well let me explain…

Pastors that I know and love are more concerned with telling others the faults of Liberals than how to come to a eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.

People on Social Media with “God Wins” or “Christ Follower” in their bios never ONCE mention the Gospel in their feed but instead bash whoever doesn’t believe as they do.

Friends, we have been called to a higher purpose! We should be setting the example that Jesus did and loving on others, not bashing them! But why? Why do we do that? Well again, we aren’t listening….If we were, maybe we would understand why that Liberal thinks the way they do. Maybe, just maybe they are going through things that have hardened their heart and secretly are looking for a reason to hope again. We wouldn’t know that because we are too busy Retweeting and Reposting the sins of everyone (but our own…)

Again, I too have been very guilty of this. But guess what God showed me the other day…I can stand for God’s principles AND love others AND listen to their cries. Friends, fear and the Evil One take peoples brains and turn them into mush. If we are right there with them, not setting the example, how will they ever see His Light? Was not your soul worth saving? Why is the person across the isle from you not as worthy to be saved?

Friends, just as we must take time to listen to God, we must also take time to listen to others; especially those that we do not agree with. Jesus said something about this I believe…

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you-Matthew 5:44

Jesus didn’t tell us this so we could take a verbal beating from people but instead to show them what the love of Jesus is all about! So today, let us put down out Earthly swords and judgments and love, respect, and most of all LISTEN to what people are really saying. Can we do that? Can we be beacons of hope and unity?

Today, let us be leaders, leaders of people to the God of all Creation and His Son Jesus Christ.

God bless everyone!


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