Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day!

Just a real short message today so we can all spend time with our families.

Friends, if your Father is alive, no matter what your relationship is with him, reach out and tell him you love him. My Father and I had a falling out many years ago and even though I tried to make it work, our relationship never recovered. See, I grew up in the Jewish faith, so when I became a Christian, things did not go to well. There is also a long list of decisions he didn’t agree with but to say we lost each other would be an understatement.

I found out last year, just be searching the internet, that he had died back in 2014 and today it still haunts me. The questions of, did I do enough? Could I have tried harder? Maybe, maybe not. But the lesson I learned is that we only get one earthly Father and no matter what we should do our best to honor him.

Exodus 20:12- “Honor your Father and Mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land your God is giving you”

While you may not have the best relationship, honor your Dad today. Not necessarily because he deserves it, but because God commands it. You never know; thing may just go a different way than you think.

God Bless everyone and enjoy your day!


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