We Don’t Get It

Good morning! Its me again! I have done a horrible job or writing this last year…Not totally sure why other than I am a creature of habit and simply got out of the habit of doing it. Its been a long year with multiple personal issues hitting myself and my family; so it’s probably that as well. Anyways, I hope many of you are still with me and see this, if not, then I’m getting this out of my system at the very least…..

We don’t get it……Get what you ask? Well I could pick a bunch of things but for the purpose of this writing it is our current climate in America. Let’s summarize things shall we?

  1. We just let the best President in the last 50 years get voted out of office. (No, it was not “stolen”)
  2. We let a man who supports the killing of the unborn and does nothing but cater to the progressive, atheistic, left take his place.
  3. Many of us put our worship into a movement called “Q” and was told to “trust the plan”. Yes because a real plan to keep President Trump in office against the Deep State would be put in full view on the internet for all to see.
  4. While COVID is real, we have let the Government close our businesses and make us more dependent on them than ever.
  5. We forgot about Jesus…..

Forgot about Jesus? Yep and that is where we come back to my title header; We don’t get it….We don’t get the fact that no matter who we put in the White House, if we don’t get back to Jesus and His biblical principles, it will never matter. Did President Trump champion many things for the Christian community such as Pro-Life laws? Yes, but what did we do as citizens? Nothing; because we “trusted the plan”. (By the way, the “plan” resembled something more like what you would see in Revelation but that is for another day).

And so here we are with a new President that has one foot in the grave and a VP that is just biding her time until Congress can pass the 25th to have him removed. Folks, we don’t get it….This has NOTHING to do with politics and EVERYTHING to do with Spiritual Warfare. Can you really not see this?

We are really good at being “keyboard warriors”, but what are we doing in the real world to get back to where we should be? We put all our money on Donald Trump and friends the house won. No matter how good his intentions, he is one man, we make up millions of people that claim to worship Christ; yet we let Trump lead and not Christ. So, here we are…..

So what do we do? Well it would be easy to throw our hands up and just wait for the Lord’s return but is that really what God would want? Let me give you what I believe GOD’s PLAN is…

  1. Individually repent of our sinful ways and ask God to lead us once again.
  2. Stop blaming the other side; someone needs to be the adult in the room and if we as Christians can’t be that adult we are in trouble.
  3. Speak up on what you are for, everyone knows what you are against.
  4. LISTEN, yes even to the most atheistic liberal. Jesus never argued anyone into the Kingdom and neither will you.
  5. Love, yes even your enemies. (Jesus didn’t say love your enemies you feel like loving).
  6. Tell someone your personal testimony about how Jesus changed your life (heck, even ask them if they have ever heard the Good News)

There are alot more I could list but this is a good start. Take some time today and pray about how God would use you. I’m not talking about violence and uprising but true Spiritual Battle. Are we willing to do that or are we just going to wait for the next politician to save us?

Are we really Christ Followers, or not.

The next few months and years will reveal tell the story. Biden may be in the White House but God almighty is on the Great Throne. Who has the more power? Who do you think wins this battle?

The choice is yours; time to decide.

God Bless,


6 thoughts on “We Don’t Get It

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  1. David, you have articulated so much that I have been thinking lately. America is under judgment for so many reasons, and if we don’t get back to God, and soon, it won’t matter which sinner is in the White House, it’s over. The Church has either been asleep or committing idolatry – looking to a man or a country to be our salvation and security. Contrary to a recent post I saw, America is NOT “God’s darling.” If any nation is that, it’s Israel, and even Israel was disciplined severely. They made the fatal mistake if thinking that being God’s chosen people meant they couldn’t be conquered – They were wrong.
    We should get back to trusting Jesus – who was mistakenly thought to be a political Savior -and who began His ministry under a harsh, pagan regime. Somehow, the true Church survived.
    As you said, HE is on the throne. He’s not going to be voted out, impeached, or assassinated. (That last one did happen, but He’s back, so… 😏)
    Let’s pray daily for wisdom and God’s priorities – for divine perspective. 😉

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      1. Not the only one. Amen! And I read/listened to some q stuff and had the exact same thought. I told my husband, “if this stuff is true and comes to pass, President Trump is in the place of Revelation’s / the prophesied Antichrist.” Scary times. Thanks for reminding me to keep focus on the truth of my believes and remember the true war. 💗🤗🙏🏼

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  2. I completely agree! You hit it on the head with “speaking about what we are for, everyone already knows what we’re against.” So true. Many atheists think we hate them because all they hear is our hatred of sin, without the love of Christ driving our words and actions. The prodigal son is a fine example of the love we should have that no one expects us to. Thank you for sharing and praying all is well with you and your family, last year hit me hard too, and many others. It was one heck of a spiritual attack all around.

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