Why I’m Leaving Social Media- I’m BACK!

Hello Again! (For those still following me on this blog)

If you are new here, WELCOME. I have had this blog for a couple of years and for a while was very consistent writing into it. Then I got distracted….by Social Media. Before I knew it I found myself with over 25,000 Followers on Twitter and became obsessed with how easy it was to Tweet and get responses. Then the other day I watched The Social Dilemma…

I have always known that we are being used and abused by these companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., but until this movie I did not realize just how evil it has become. (And how distracted I had become….)

I chose to write because I hated to be in front of the camera because of my dental issues. But even when that was rectified, I still didn’t come back here and write. It was too easy to take 5 seconds and post a tweet that would gain INSTANT results; whether I was passionate about it or not.

Then I heard something from God louder than almost anything I have ever heard from Him before, GET RID OF IT! Well, when the Creator of the Universe tells you do to something, you better do it. So my Twitter account and the 26k followers went bye bye. Also got rid of Instagram which leaves me with just YouTube and Facebook.

YouTube I will keep because I think it is important to keep producing those videos for people that don’t like to read these blogs, however Facebook is on the chopping block. Heck, by the end of today it might just be gone as well. My point today comes down to this…

Social Media is destroying our lives; not because of what it is, but because of what we have allowed it to become. It gives us a false reality and tricks us into thinking all kinds of things that are not true. From giving young girls self image issues (the suicide rate for teen girls is up 130 percent since 2014 when Social Media really took off) to people like me whose focus was being pulled away from God and unto myself.

So, I am back! I am not sure if I will be writing every day or not but I invite you to join me AGAIN on this blogging journey. For those that are still here, THANK YOU! For those just joining, hold on, it will be quite the ride!

God Bless everyone!


10 thoughts on “Why I’m Leaving Social Media- I’m BACK!

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      1. Yes, that’s it! Do you remember the scene at the very end where the person was surrounded by screens and images, getting swallowed up by them? When I saw it, my jaw dropped. I had dreamt that scene the night before! In the dream my laptop was trying to swallow me up, but as long as I kept crying out “Jesus!” it couldn’t. 😯

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  1. Welcome back David! ♥
    I never was a fan of social media but then, my friend forced me into joining Instagram and I don’t really regret it. It helped me get over my self esteem issues and gave me some really good friends. But other than Instagram, YouTube, I don’t use anything else. Don’t like socializing too much XD

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