Have Faith?

Genesis 15:6 -“And Abram believed the LORD, and the LORD counted him as righteous because of his faith.”

Happy Monday! How strong is your faith this morning? Do you not have confidence that what the Lord has promised is true? Be counted as righteous!

Love and Blessings,



Put It Down!

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! I am going to be headed to the other side of the state today, so if you all could pray for traveling mercies for us I would be forever grateful!


This may sound a little hypocritical since I am actually using technology to write this but I truly believe that at least for a designated time period we need to PUT IT DOWN.

From the minute we wake up to the minute we go to bed we have our phones, our tablets, and various other pieces of technology in our hands scrolling aimlessly through our different social media platforms. I know, I’m one of them. At least until yesterday.

Friends, there is so much data out there that shows just how addicting and dangerous it is to spend too much time looking at our technology. For many of us like me that have a desk job its even worse because we stare at a computer screen all day. Not only that but the social media world has become a cesspool of trash and filth. Why would we allow all that into our brains all day?

I’m not saying at all that we should abandon it; especially for those of us that are believers in Christ, its one of the few mediums that we can still proclaim His truth at will. What I am saying is that we need to be more intentional with our time. For example, here is something I have started..

One hour before going to bed I put away my phone and tablet and don’t look at it again the rest of the night. It gives my body time to detox, if you will, from the day and have some me time. Then in the morning, I don’t pick it up again until after I have read my Bible and get ready for the day. I did this for the first time last night and I can already tell a difference.

Friends, just like money, technology is not evil in and of itself. it only becomes that way if we let it rule our lives. I have a booming online ministry and have met many great people by using this platform, however, just like anything else we need to not let it consume us. Go outside, read a book, take a hot bath, do something that will get you to refocus and have a great day. Makes sense?

Have a great Sunday everyone!!



IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW IT already, if you are a believer in Christ and follow His Word, YOU are full of hate and are not entitled to be forgiven….At least that is what I have discovered recently.

Jesus always said this day would come and until recently I really didn’t believe it was as bad as people said; it is. Let me show you the 6 things that set people off yesterday in my social media world..

1. Jesus Christ is Our Savior

2. He will be returning soon

3. The only true Love is found in Christ

4. There are only two genders- Male/Female

5. Marriage is one man/one woman

6. Abortion is murder

I got called a lot of things but the one thing that kept resurfacing was that I was full of hate because I did not subscribe to the very opposite of all those things above. No discussion, no reasoning, and clearly no listening. I either believed as they did or I was simply full of hate.

What does this show me? Well, it bolsters the fact that this world is run by the Father of Lies satan himself. I told my Bride last night at dinner that I truly believe the time has passed for turning back. We are on a collision course with an event that will make Lot’s adventure look like nothing. God’s judgment is about to fall and it is not going to be pretty…

So fellow haters, what now? Well, we simply can’t reason with people anymore so there is only one thing we can do and we need to do it full force…PREACH THE GOSPEL! Stop preaching your opinion, stop putting down others that don’t believe as we do, just simply preach what Jesus teaches us and move on.

Gone are the days where we have time to worry about offending people. You know what offends me but a certain company could care less? This…

(No not the flag in the middle but the one on the left)

This is what we have to look at every day at work. A not so subtle reminder that what we as Christ followers believe does not matter. That our voice deserves to be drowned out. I ask; where is the Christian Flag? Why do my beliefs not get to be celebrated as well? It’s because they don’t care and neither does the world. That is why we MUST be vocal about our faith in Christ. We must shout it from the rooftops as loud as we can; if even one soul gets saved because of it is it not worth it?

It is time for revival my friends, the Enemy has placed all his cards on the table. Nothing is off the chart anymore NOTHING. Will you just stand there in silence? It’s time to pick up your sword and fight with the Word of God! Amen?

Love and Blessings,


Weight Loss

NO THESE ARE NOT MY FEET everyone lol! In fact, I don’t know if a glass scale would be such a good idea in my case. Anyways, hello everyone and I pray that each of you have a fantastic week and can enjoy some down time this weekend.

Well, here I go again! Trying for number 8,143 to be a successful one at losing this weight. This time I am trying Weight Watchers; now commonly known simply as WW. This would seem to be more in my favor than the rest because everything is done on a point system rather than telling me what I can and cannot eat.

How and what I eat are up to me as long as I don’t go over my point totals. Seems simple enough but as I have already found out, I will need to adjust alot for my creamer has already gotten me in trouble!

My message to all of you is simple today; if you are feeling down about your weight loss struggles, I feel you. I am the poster child for failing to lose weight. The thing is I keep getting back up! I keep fighting and I keep aiming to achieve this goal of getting healthy and being comfortable in my own skin.

See life isn’t necessarily about us winning or losing as the world sees it, but instead in how many times can you get back up after the Enemy knocks you down. I think it says more about someones character that can keep taking hits and keeps coming back for more, than someone who achieves instant success. It shows you can persevere, overcome, and triumph over anything! And while it might take longer to achieve your goals, once you do it will be permanent!

Friends, I ask for your prayers on this new path I am on. Slow and steady wins the race and after all is said and done I WILL be victorious! So will you!

Love and Blessings,


Your Helper

Acts of the Apostles 1:8 -“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”

Don’t forget about your Helper; Happy Monday!