Good Saturday morning to you! Coffee is in hand and I was all ready to give you Day 1 in the journey to which my surgery begins with my first pre-op appointment; until I looked at twitter and saw this….

“Don’t call yourself a Christian if you go out on Friday nights and get drunk…then come to church on Sunday & act like a different person.”- Twitter User

When I read this I honestly thought that my head would my jump off my shoulders and roll down the hallway. I knew then that I needed to shelve my plans for this blog and call this out for what it is; a lie from the pit of Hell itself. Let me explain….

While going out and getting drunk is probably not at the top of the priority list for what Jesus has in His plans for you, calling out one’s salvation based on a action is a very dangerous thing to do and what is EXACTLY what is wrong with the church today. If this person is saying that going out and getting drunk on said Friday night excludes you from Christianity then lets look a little deeper at the things that should also disqualify you from “the club”.

  1. Looking at another person with lust in your heart
  2. Holding anger or resentment towards another person
  3. Worry
  4. Eating too much
  5. Lies
  6. Vulgarity
  7. Pridefulness
  8. Sloth (excessive laziness or the failure to act and utilize one’s talents)
  9. Envy
  10. Avarice ( an excessive pursuit of material possessions)

Shall I go on? Hopefully you are catching what I’m smelling right now. Do you think that the person that tweeted this out has ever done any of the above this past week? Do you think that going out and getting drunk on a Friday night is any worse that the above list? Wanna know a secret? NO ITS NOT! God does not weigh your sins; that is for another religion. This thing we call Christianity is not a religion but a relationship that is based on one thing and one thing only; a real relationship with Jesus Christ. One that will involve you making mistakes and having a lapse of judgment. It does NOT take away your salvation or disqualify you from being a Christian. It makes you the very reason that Jesus died on that cross over 2,000 years ago; so you can make a mistake and still have eternal life and follow Him (aka being a Christian)

I guess what bothers me so much about this is because whoever this was directed at is not nurturing or loving as Jesus would be but instead judgmental and assumptive. This one tweet could lead so many people astray and today there is simply no room or time for it. I would further say that everyone reading this, including myself, could be guilty of everything on that above list at one time or another; what does that mean? It means we are sinners needing of Grace, not judgement from someone that clearly does not understand the meaning of being a Christ follower. Am I advocating going out and getting drunk? Of course not! As Christ followers we should always strive to live for Him the best we can, but unlike this guy on Twitter, Jesus is there to pick us up, dust us off, and get us back on the road.


My friends, let us stand together! In this world today the last thing we need is to be divisive. We need to first understand what TRULY being a Christ follower is all about, then supporting one another WHEN we fall. Can we do that today? Can we stop with the divisiveness and judgmental comments and viewpoints? Give me your thoughts; either comment here on this post or drop me an email to damar19911996@gmail.com. (No you wont be put on a mailing list, just some conversation). Have a great Saturday everyone..


Peace, Love, and Truth,


Higher Expectations


Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday! This has been a crazy week which I am looking forward to an ending. My youngest son is getting married and my Dolphins FINALLY play their first game. (Can’t decide which is higher on my priority list, its close). Just kidding, we all know what comes first…. 😉

So, my bride and were watching the final episode of The Bachelor the other night and the that is when the topic of this blog finally hit me. Well, it has been an ongoing issue in my head but the situation we saw took the cake. Please know first I am not judging this person for their action just making an opinionated observation…

So there was this couple and they had to make a decision to either part ways from “paradise” or leave the island as a couple. Part of that decision making process included a potential fantasy suite where they can officially consummate their relationship. I’m no prude to think that people actually wait to have sex before marriage anymore (even though I raised three boys that did just that) but life happens and sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Anyway it came down to this one couple and what happened now shocked even me; USUALLY it is the guy that can’t wait to get in the suite but in this case it was reversed; it was HER. Look, I get it women have needs too but this is what she said, “before I can fall in love with you, I NEED to have sex with you just to make sure its right”. Seriously?? Has the bar really dropped so low that women have no romance or class about them anymore? If there are any out there please comment so I have some hope left….The bigger picture though really is two-fold and here it is….

  1. We have strayed from God and now just do whatever we want to whoever we want with no apparent repercussions.
  2.  We have set the moral bar so low that even Lucifer himself is jealous

Friends, I guarantee you that the relationship situation above never works out. I mean, I am sure the guy agreed, and they had a wild night but don’t we want more than that anymore? The show talks alot about finding love when really all they are finding is more people to have sex with. Granted there have been a couple of cases where people have actually fell in love and gotten married but folks even a clock is right twice a day…We need to set the bar higher!! Ladies and Gentleman, saving yourself for marriage is not something to be taken lightly, it takes strength, courage, and a devotion to others than transcends almost anything. So it does in other areas like how we talk to people, how we show love to other people, the language we use, I could go on and on but the message stays the same. We need to have higher expectations of ourselves and of others; we do not need to accept mediocrity in the name of political correctness. We know what is right from wrong, we make the choice…

Today, whether it is at work, home, or in that relationship it is never too late to start setting higher expectations from others. I often have battles in my family over this in that I expect better from them than most. Granted I am not perfect myself, and I’m not asking for perfection, but what I and all of you should ask for is to set the bar higher just as the fish does above. Where you set your expectations, is where you yourself will go; start a new trend and aim for that higher fishbowl….

Peace and Love,


11 More to 100!


**above photo from my friend at BeautyBeyondBones; check her blog out, she has one heck of a story**

So I started this blog a little over a month ago and already I am about to hit the 100 mark. I’m not all about how many “likes” I can get, but the simple truth is I really feel that I have a message for others to hear and do that in this new age of social media, I need readers. Thank you so much to all that are here; I hope that in some small way you have been impacted. Prayers for my bride as she has to have an injection into her back next week for her nerve and disc problems. Also for me as my surgery for hip replacement was announced today to be 10/10/17. If you don’t pray, WHY NOT? Ha!

Thanks again my friends; peace, love, and Truth-




Good morning friends! Welcome to the new folks that have come aboard recently; its a honor to have you here. As I recently put out there, continued prayers for my brothers and sisters down in Florida. Looks like Hurricane Irma made landfall down in Key West and is continuing to churn North. It will be a bumpy day for the state but I know everything will be just fine. God has this too and if you trust in that, you will find peace on this stormy day….

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight“-Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust…That is a subject that is near and dear to my heart because I lack that big time! As I am sure most of you, I went through some pretty rough times as a kid; especially in my teens. That hurt morphed into a pain that could only be masked by shutting people out and having a complete lack of trust in all humanity. Pretty sad right? I have gotten a little better since then but to say my skepticism about most people is pretty high. I even got a message from someone yesterday that had the same sad sentiments and what inspired me to write this today….

See the verse above? It is not some old wives tale or something that was created for some alternative purpose. If we will trust in the Lord with all of our heart, and not lean on OUR understanding and in ALL our ways submit to Him, He will make our paths straight. That really is the eternal paradox is it not? We want to be able to trust and for things to go right but at the same time we want to control it ourselves. We want help but we want it in OUR way and in OUR time. How is that working out folks? Are our ways and our timing doing any good? Even folks that say that have it all together, they really don’t. Unless they have given it all to God that is….


As with all other things we have a choice. We can choose to continue to be miserable, not  trust anyone, and have our paths continually not wind up where we want, or we can finally say that we are done being control freaks and will give the One that created us a shot at delivering on His promises. Its hard, I get it but I have found in my journey that those times that I actually do this, things work out better than I could have ere imagined. We just need to take that leap, and trust…..

Peace and Love my friends!

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