Last One (On Hope)

Never thought of Hope and Freedom together this way but its true; only through the Hope we find in Jesus that we will finally be free! Break Those Chains! David


Some Introspective

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend. Coffee is brewing and I believe I am rested up. Last night I had my doubts because I was so tired that I had a really hard time falling asleep. Finally though I did and arose with coffee on the mind, showered, dressed and here I am. With … Continue reading Some Introspective

Do Your Research!!

For the lunch crowd

David Fischer

Good morning everyone. Hope you had a great weekend and a great start to your week yesterday. For a Monday it wasn’t too bad; other than my hip pain which seems to grow worse by the hour, but hopefully this week that course will change. I have a beef this morning and be prepared it will probably offend most of you. Nevertheless, it needs to be voiced and we need to stop this cours we are on….

I will preface this by saying, I am NOT a Joel Olsteen fan (see your already offended). I think that much of what he preaches is false doctrine and he has made millions off of what I call the “name it and claim it Gospel”. The belief that if you ask ANYTHING in Jesus’ name it will be granted to you. This is never found in the Scriptures and Jesus never promised it…

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