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Hey fellow bloggers; if you pray, please keep my health in your prayers. I have a ugly stomach bug that kept me home from work today. It takes a lot to keep me out so hopefully it’s just a 24 hour things.

Thanks everyone and Agape Love!


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Some Introspective


Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend. Coffee is brewing and I believe I am rested up. Last night I had my doubts because I was so tired that I had a really hard time falling asleep. Finally though I did and arose with coffee on the mind, showered, dressed and here I am. With my surgery coming up in about a week, I have some thinking to do and thought I would share it with you all. So for today, some introspective on yours truly….

Do you ever ask yourselves, “Is it really just me”? As those of you that truly know me, I can be like an acquired taste. Not for everyone but those that love me, REALLY love me. Everyone else just kind of crinkles their nose and walks by. Part of the reason for that is three fold…

  1. After years of holding back, I typically say what is on my mind.
  2. The message I feel I have goes against the modern Church.
  3.  I expect the best out of people, including their motives.

Typically these are the three reasons people seem to gravitate away from me; with my time getting short before my surgery though, my thoughts have turned to maybe I shouldn’t be this way. Maybe I should suppress my thoughts no matter the consequences; maybe I should just fall in line with the modern Church, go my Sunday’s and Wednesdays and shut up; and finally expect the worst from people and not help hold them and myself to a higher standard…

Now I say all of this with an honest motive, I don’t know if anyone can relate but it just gets tiring being the one almost everyone wants to avoid. My bride is the one exception, she is ALWAYS there for me, no matter what. She may offer a countermeasure or two to what I am feeling or saying but nevertheless she is always there and I am grateful for her beyond measure. However, I can’t even get people in my family and friend circle to read this blog; again I am grateful for those that do, but it gets frustrating you know? So it makes me wonder, is it all worth it? Is being this person that God has created more of a hindrance than help? I always thought in this world of evil, those three qualities above would go a long way in helping, now not so much…

In this world of 24 hours news and 24 hour social engagement, I hardly ever hear from my family and friends. Its almost like they feel like I’m a plague they want to avoid. It may not be true but when you see posts on Facebook but can’t get people to return a simple text, make you think hmmmm, maybe its me. Maybe it is and it shouldn’t matter? I mean again Jesus had twelve disciples, one of which betrayed Him, one always doubted Him, and one that completely denied Him at the most crucial points; so should I expect more than Jesus had? Probably not, but I’m definitely not Jesus either….Seems like those that fall in line with the world just have more fun and are more liked/loved. Does that even matter? I’m confused this morning, what say all of you? Can you relate?

Hope to hear from some of you soon…

Peace, Love, and Truth,




Good morning everyone and welcome to Monday! I hope that everyone had a great weekend and is up and at em for this new week. I had a perfect weekend in that my youngest son got married, my Gators won, and to top it all off my beloved Dolphins start 1-0 for the first time in I don’t know how long. So, very good weekend indeed and as we start a new week, I thought this passage out of Isaiah was very fitting as a new set of challenges is upon us…

This week my bride goes in for an injection into her back to try and give her some relief from the horrible pain she has been in due to her bulging discs. It can be a scary endevour, but as with all things God is right there with her. Also her stepmother goes in for another hard round of chemo this Wednesday which will be a five hour event; hopefully this will start reversing the course of this horrible cancer that is attacking her body. Then of course we are about 25 days and counting for my hip replacement surgery which is so needed so I can start to have a good quality of life again…

So, as you can see, God placed this passage to me at the perfect time for our family. With God in our lives we have nothing to fear for He is in perfect control, amen? Is there something going on in your life that we can keep you in our prayers about? If so, please comment in the above comment section. I would love to hear from you..

Have a great day my friends and remember; take a small step towards Truth today. 😉

Peace and Love,


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✝️The Rebellion✝️

Good morning everyone. Hope you had a great weekend and a great start to your week yesterday. For a Monday it wasn’t too bad; other than my hip pain which seems to grow worse by the hour, but hopefully this week that course will change. I have a beef this morning and be prepared it will probably offend most of you. Nevertheless, it needs to be voiced and we need to stop this cours we are on….

I will preface this by saying, I am NOT a Joel Olsteen fan (see your already offended). I think that much of what he preaches is false doctrine and he has made millions off of what I call the “name it and claim it Gospel”. The belief that if you ask ANYTHING in Jesus’ name it will be granted to you. This is never found in the Scriptures and Jesus never promised it…

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Your Choice- 8/26/17

Good morning! Sorry for the late post today but for the first time in forever I slept in! Woke up at 9:30 which is unheard of for me but it has been a rough week and my body needed rest. Hope everyone is doing well and a big THANK YOU to the new followers of this blog. My dream for a long time has been to be a writer and you being here is helping support that dream. Would love to hear from as many of you as possible via whatever method works; Facebook, Twitter, comment here, or shoot me a text (269-363-0932). I promise you wont be stalked haha

So I have talked about choice a lot and I feel more than ever it is important that every day we make the right choice concerning our feelings and what we perceive to be truth. The media spends ALL their time trying to convience us that the world is ending and things are without hope. We have multi-millionaires protesting they don’t have a fair chance because all white people are racists, we have “white supremacists” that think they speak for all white folks to ignite a fight wherever they can, we have social media outlets that provide a forum to say whatever you want whenever you want without any reprocussions. So you might be asking, what is your point David?” My point is this…..

NOONE can MAKE you feel any particular way, people simply don’t have that power. How you feel and how you react to things is ENTIRELY up to YOU. In this fashion you have the choice to believe that everything is bad and awful and fascist and racist or you can start to look for truth. Post good and positive stories on Twitter, when your talking with your friends, tell how someone helped you in a situation, look for the positives in every situation rather than the negative. Is the world evil? Yep and will continue to be so until the day that Jesus comes back and restores things to the way that they were meant to be before Adam and Eve messed it all up. However, I can tell you that just in my little corner of the world grace and love are shown all the time. I have great friends and family that love and support each other that are white, black, Hispanic, Indian, atheist, God-fearing, you name it and guess what, no issues. Not saying there aren’t issues out there but I feel deep in my heart there are more positives than you would even realize. We simply have to be open to see them; believing the worst in people is much easier I guess…..

Friends, help me out here. If you have a story about something positive, share it with me! In any of the way I mentioned above. I know they are out there, let start a revolution of positivity! Who is with me? I look forward to hearing from you all, have a blessed Saturday!

Hope and Grace,


Stories of Hope

So often all I see is stories of disparity and how bad the world is. No doubt there are some issues out there but I tend to think there are some good ones too. So this post is about YOU! In the comments below let me here of your positive stories no matter how short or long. Help me show the world that the media is wrong and there is still hope and good out there. 

And GO!

Hope Cont….

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday! I hope that everyone out there is having a hope-filled week so far and keeping your eye on the prize. We recently moved into a home we are renting and aside from a few technical glitches, we love it. As much as we appreciate being around family, there is nothing like having your own space to call your own. Now with it just being me and my bride, it makes for some peaceful days. In the picture above, I am writing this straight from my kitchen table so it can remind me what is really important in life; Jesus and Coffee. 🙂

Yesterday, I wrote a little about hope. I sense my spirit changing a bit because my initial mindset was that I would convey to my readers this evil and the “veil” that has been cast upon humanity. While I will definitely still be doing that, I feel as if this world needs something first; HOPE. People will never be receptive to a message if they don’t have hope that things can change or that they will really be ok. As I said yesterday, the media goes literally out of their way every day to tell you how bad the world has become and making us feel like we have very little options in life. To the point where we are seeing suicides at an unprecedented rate as the feeling of hopelessness engulfs our very being….Well, I will not contribute to that feeling and instead offer a simple, but yet truthful message…THERE IS HOPE!!

Hope is not something that can really be explained, it has to be shown. The thing is that it doesn’t have to be complicated; take this morning for example. Our power breaker for the water heater keeps going off and I feel like I could sleep for 100 more hours; doesn’t make for a good morning if I just concentrate on that right? But actually there is hope right in front of my face; hence the picture above! I have the windows open where the birds said Good Morning, I have coffee in my hand, and thanks to the technology below my fingertips, I can communicate with the world on this message of hope. Really, its a pretty good morning wouldn’t you say?

Friends, do me a favor to prove my point. I challenge each of you to turn off your Twitter news feeds, don’t listen to any news of any kind for 24 hours. Simply concentrate on looking for positives around you; go for a walk, head to the beach, maybe even just shut off the air and open up your windows to listen to God’s creation speaking to you. You might just be surprised at what you hear. There is hope all around you my friends, you just have to want to see it. God has so much in store for you both here and in the life to come. Sure we have evil here for now and we will experience trials in our lives, but the suffering that we may encounter here is nothing compared to the Hope, Glory, and Grace that God has given us and will see completed in us very soon. Have a great, hope-filled day everyone and if you see fit, please share this blog with others so that we can bring a message of hope to others. 🙂

Peace, Love, and Hope,



Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great Monday and enjoyed the Eclipse. I was only 8 the last time we had one so this was a pretty neat experience for me. In Michigan it was pretty cloudy so we didn’t have the best view but thankfully to the internet there were some fantastic pictures taken; especially the ones by NASA from space. How can you possibly look at that and not know that there is a God. A God that has not only created the Sun, Moon, and the Stars but you and I as well. Amazing thing is that what we saw yesterday is only a preview of His Majesty and just as equally amazing His hope….

One of the reasons I love football so much is there is always the hope that my favorite team (THE Miami Dolphins) will win that week and hopefully that year. I have had a lot of time to build up this hope as we haven’t been very good for a while now but there is still hope. Hope is something we are desperately needing today wouldn’t you say? If you listen to the media you would think that EVERYONE hates each other and that there is no alternative but to fight others that disagree with you. This is all part of the deception that I know exists and is tearing us apart. The Truth is that there is more Hope than you can imagine! Things are not as bad as they seem and there is a Hope that is just waiting for you to reach out to in Jesus.

I’m not talking about religion or man made practices but instead THE Creator that gave you that eclipse yesterday also has given you Life!; life both here and in the world to come. One thing though, God is a gentleman and He will never force His way into your heart. So you are left with an option, are you ready?

You can continue to buy into the lies that the media is giving us or you can explore for yourself. If you choose to explore, I promise you that a whole other world exists; a world with Someone that loves you unconditionally and will give you hope that you never knew existed. The choice is up to you, which will it be? Make the choice for Hope and I will show you exactly what I mean….. 😉

Peace and Love,