Positive or Negative-Your Choice

As promised I am back! I’m starting to wonder if it is just going to keep snowing from now till Summer. I know it hasn’t but it feels like it has not stopped snowing since last week. I kinda felt this was coming as the last few winters have been pretty insignificant. So, I guess God needs to turn up the moisture a bit and I will SMILE while it continues to fall. (Although in my heart I’m complaining, lol!)

If the last few months have taught me anything it is that no matter what we may think, something will ALWAYS be going on that starts you down a bad path. For my family it has been health; I feel as if my insurance company is going to call one day and say “sorry, we can not insure you anymore”. We have really been through a lot in 2017 and almost none of it we could control. Now, with that said, there is one thing we can control; our attitude.

Before I start there, the other thing I have found out through all of this is that when you are in pain or sick, it is darn near impossible to have a positive attitude. You don’t feel good, your in what seems like never ending pain, and the last thing you want to do is SMILE or think positively. However, the other thing I have discovered is that if somehow, someway, we can just push through all that pain and suffering, we will discover that we still have so much to be thankful for. Once we do that, maybe, just maybe the power of our mind will start to take over….

No I’m not some New Age guru that thinks the mind controls it all, however, if our minds are focused on the right thing, we can move mountains! Heck we could speak to that mountain to move and it would move! Sound familiar? Jesus promised us that if we had just a tiny bit of faith, this power would be given to us to move mountains! For some that mountain is the yearly sinus infection, or a hip replacement, kidney and back issues, sometimes that mountain is cancer. What I do now know is that there is no mountain in our lives that we can’t move with God in control. Thing is we have to reach out to Him and make that positive choice to have faith. Faith that He and He alone will move those mountains through us and turn that storm into a beach side portrait.

Friends, we really do have a choice; not about the storms that come into our lives but how we react to those storms. We can allow the pain and suffering to consume us, or we can reach out to Jesus Christ and let Him chart our course. As a wise man once told me though, Jesus is a gentleman and will never force His way into our lives; we must invite Him in! So are you tired of letting the pain and storms of your life consume you? Change that thinking, change it into a pattern that will move mountains! Have a great day friends and hopefully some of you are enjoying some nice weather; unlike yours truly. SMILE!

In His Grace,


Flesh VS Spirit


Good morning everyone and welcome to the weekend! Woot Woot! I must admit that this past week was really tough; a lot of drama going on in places that I have never dealt with before and justĀ some emotional and physical trials. However, I serve a God that stand by me through it all and makes me stronger for it when I get to the other side. Awesome is He!

Every day lately it seems as if God is teaching me a new lesson. I don’t know about all of you but sometimes, while exciting, I’m like, “God, I haven’t even learned the last lesson slow down!” Well God’s timing and pace is definitely not ours so He continues to throw things at me at a feverish pace. While I am not mastering any of them I am learning gradually and what I want to share today is the lesson of the Flesh VS. The Spirit. I must add this disclaimer, if you are not a believer of Christ Jesus and have turned your life over to Him, this lesson will mean nothing. You simply do not have the ability or the resources to truly learn this lesson; neither do I , however He does and that is Whom I turn things over to. So if you have never made that decision to give your life over to Him and accept His free (to you) gift of eternal life, please do so today! If you have any questions on this at all, I will leave my email address at the end of this message. Now, on to it!

See, my friends, as believers we have a choice daily. We can either die to ourselves and let the Spirit of Christ lead us in all things, or we can give in to that nasty flesh that Jesus died such a horrible death to get rid of. (Of course he did rise again, ya know). For me, that struggle seems to revolve around weight. I have been heavy my whole life and to be honest its getting to a dangerous point. While I gave up smoking some 21 years ago, I just replaced that addiction with food and now I am up to a staggering 355 pounds. God has been very gracious in that I have had relatively few health problems but I can tell now that I am almost 43 years old, His patience and Grace on this is wearing thin. For a long time I thought it was so simple; just stop eating as much right? Well for us as believers it goes a little bit deeper than that. For anyone that has weight issues like me, many times the food intake becomes less about fulfilling a hunger pain as it is about satisfying the taste buds. “Man, I’m really not hungry but I know how awesome that chocolate shake would taste”. The examples could go on and on; so what God showed me is that by doing that, I am not satisfying a natural desire to eat but instead a sinful one that only satisfies theĀ flesh andĀ does nothing for theĀ Spirit. So again, it all comes down to choice. Do I satisfy me body or INSTEAD turn toĀ the Spirit for direction?

My friends, maybe your problem isn’t food maybe its lust, maybe its money obsession, it could be anything but in all things that we struggle with, it always comes down to a simple word; choice. This day,Ā in all that you do, make the choice to not follow your fleshly mind and heart but instead do as the Scriptures command us to do andĀ “die” to yourself and LIVE through the Spirit of Jesus Christ that He paid such a high price to give you. Amen? Thanks everyone and if you have been helped by any of my blog entries, please let me hear your feedback andĀ share this blog with other. God bless everyone and have a great day!

In Christ,