Which Are You?

TMac is so right on this. There is no between friends; we either add value to ones life or take it away. Let us ADD life!





Happy Friday!!! Do you ever just feel defeated? I know sometimes I do. With all that is going on in my life sometimes I just feel like, why should I even bother… but then I come across some Truth like the passage above. For if I am in Christ, the battle is already over and I am victorious!! Because of what Jesus did for me, I no longer have to fight these battles because victory has already been claimed for me!

Doesn’t get much better than this friends. Question is are you in Christ? I mean really in Christ or are you just playing religion? Think about it, the difference is eternal…

Have a great day friends!


Your Enemy

Happy Thursday my friends! I hope your week is going well and you are growing closer to God more than ever before. This morning I want you to understand something; you have an Enemy. An Enemy that hates you almost as much as God loves you. He will stop at nothing to destroy you and others in your life. Good news is that God has given us armor to take a stand and fight back!

He has given us His Word, the ability to pray directly to the Throne, and maybe most importantly the single most effective weapon we have; the love that knows no bounds. A love that can not only change your life but bring down the Enemy’s attempts to destroy your life. Put on that armor today and send our Enemy back to the pit of Hell where he belongs! Amen?

Love in Christ,