Number One

This should be your number one priority in life; period.

Have a blessed day my friends,


The Volume

I’m frequently hearing that people never hear God’s voice. Well, it’s probably because you have the volume turned up on everything else and you can’t hear Him.

Just like anything else, less of the world and more of Him.




Happy Saturday friends! I promised someone a few days ago I would share my testimony with you all today and I will shortly, but for now how awesome is this!

While on the outside we may be falling apart, as believers on the inside we are actually being rebuilt! What an amazing God we serve amen?

Be back soon,


Something Even Different

Yesterday worked pretty well with interaction and I got to put names to faces for a lot of you! So in honor of Mother’s Day in the comments below put a picture of you and your mom and maybe something you love about her the most. πŸ˜€

This is a picture of my Bride and our three sons. She is something my own mother never was; nurturing, loving, and self-sacrificing. For this more than almost anything is the reason I love her so much. πŸ™‚