Be Gentle

Just because someone lashes out at you doesn't mean you have to lash back. As the Scriptures tell us here sometimes just a gentle response can diffuse a volatile situation. You never know what someone else may be going through so today try and respond to others with the gentle spirit that God has given... Continue Reading →

Do For Others

True love has a Greek origin; agape love. A love that knows no boundaries and knows that others come first. Love is an action verb not a noun. When you say "I love you" what action have you taken to show it? What action did Jesus take? The world knows not what true love is;... Continue Reading →


What have you compromised to "fit in" with the world? Does your life even appear any different from the world? Let's stop with the compromising and get back to the basics. Showing the love of Jesus to all we can and let His Word guide our lives. Amen? Like and share please using the buttons... Continue Reading →

His Spirit

Good Tuesday morning everyone! Isn't it amazing to know that the very same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead also lives in you? Invite that Spirit to take over your life today and watch Him work in your life! Amen? Have a great day everyone, David


Good Palm Sunday everyone. I hope that each of you is having a great weekend and enjoying time with family and friends. I know I have had a great few days with my Bride getting stuff done and seeing some family. I would continue to ask for prayer as a close family member of ours... Continue Reading →

Suffering Cont..

Ever think you are along in your trials? God knew because of sin that suffering would be part of the journey. So because of this He sent His Son to pay the eternal price FOR us so that our present suffering would turn into glory!! Amen? Be Positive! David

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Thought of the day... We fill ourselves with a lot of things throughout the day. How about we fill ourselves with the Word of God and let that dwell within us? Amen? Have a great day my friends and as always thank you! Blessings, David

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