The Four

So I’m on a new adventure. I heard a sermon the other day that made so much sense. You should have 4 people that you consider treasured friends in your life. Not acquaintances that could really care less but people that truly have your back at all costs. My Bride is a given but I am looking for “My Four”.



Hello everyone! Hope your Sunday is going well. Just wanted to share a quick update with you all…

When I first started this blog almost a year ago, I was angry. Angry with the church, the people in it, the way they handle things, well you get the point. My mission, I thought, was to “remove the veil” of lies that was being told to many unsuspecting followers. While I still feel that the church is definitely not what Jesus intended, I feel as if God wants me to go about things a little differently…

Yesterday I watched a trailer for an upcoming movie which had the following statement in it; “The church has become so good at telling others what it is against, no one knows what it is for” That hit me hard because as believers WE are the church so that statement would include me as well…

So many times I would write about everything that is wrong in the world but hardly any time on what is good. I mean, what person would want to become a follower of Jesus with me spewing about how bad things are? Make sense?

I know that I have so much growing to do and some days I feel like I just don’t have enough time to grow. But these last few weeks have taught me that while life can throw a bunch of left hooks at you, there is so much positive to preach about as well. If we are to be the Light of the world, we must become as bright as we can so others can see it!

So, a change in the tone of my messages is soon to follow. I will have my days I know, but I promise to do my best to show just how awesome our God is when we give Him our hearts and our lives. Thanks everyone and if you could do a brother a favor a hit the “like”button below and share this link with others, I would appreciate it.

Have a great Sunday everyone!