My Passion

Good Sunday Morning!

Just a quick thank you for all the new followers both on here and on Twitter that are not only joining my burning passion to write but also to hopefully lift the veil that has been cast over our eyes. A veil that has prevented us from truly following Jesus and His teachings and instead created a religion that looks nothing like what God intended.  This is the essence of my post this morning; to explain a little more about why I do this…

It’s funny because yesterday my middle son asked me, “what is my biggest strength?” When he asked me that he made sure to let me know he was referring to his talents and gifts. Of course I said he has a big heart but he was looking for something more specific; so, being the musician he is I said your music! You have a God given gift to be a musician and I think you would be wise to follow that gift. All of my kids have special gifts from God as do all of you reading this; don’t ever forget that. Then, just for fun, I asked everyone what mine was and it ranged anywhere from preaching to what Derek said, “you can write your ass off”. I found that interesting because although my family supports me greatly in my passion, they don’t always have time to read what I write. They also said I should start a You Tube channel but I’m just not as proficient in front of a camera as I am typing on a keyboard. Can anyone relate? 

So, as if I hadn’t before, I made my decision last night to completely throw myself into this venture. Not to get “famous” or make lots of money, but instead to accept the gift that God has given me and also relay a message that not many are ready to hear, yet needs to be told. Everywhere there is deception; deception at a level that is even hard for me to fathom. Everyone says that blacks folks hate white folks; hmmmm I have lots of ” black” friends and people I consider to be family and yet no hate there. This is just one example but there are so many more where the Enemy has set out an agenda to deceive you. Decieve you and keep you from Truth; a Truth that can only be found when you are ready to let go of everything you have been taught about the world and in many cases Christianity. Jesus wants true followers, not religious zealots. 

So much to tell you friends, but enough for today. Will you join me on this mission? Are you tired of the deception? You can follow my work either by email, WordPress, or Twitter. Hope to see you all there with me.

Lifting the Veil,


Which Way?

Good morning everyone and happy Friday!! You are probably wondering why I have 2 Star Wars pictures up and writing in between them..I’m glad you asked! I did this because like our heroes from Star Wars, they had a choice; a choice to follow the Dark Side or follow the Light. My choice is not as drastic because I always choose the Light, however, I do have a choice and maybe you all can relate….

See, when I was younger I always kept my opinions to myself. I feel no one cared and I probably didn’t have anything interesting to say anyways. As I got older though and got closer to God, I felt this tugging to say more what was on my heart and mind. Today, however, it always seems to backfire. I am either misunderstood or cause some sort of conflict in the process. (And for the record this is about no one in particular but a more general consensus.) Especially lately I can’t say anything without something going wrong. So, as with all things we should look to the Scriptures for direction, specifically to Jesus Himself.

In Jesus’ time on Earth, He expressed Himself in many different fashions from throwing tables around in anger to basically chewing out the Pharisees to wide expressions of love and finally silence all together. There are some pretty big clues here and unfortunately for me this is going to take some work. I always thought I could just be ONE way in all fashions but as Jesus showed us, there is a time and place for everything. There is a time to be loving in speech, there is a time to be angry in speech, there is a time to be loving in speech, and the hardest one of all there is a time to be silent. In this age we live in that is a tough one for me but just think about it; think about the last few hours and moments of Jesus’ life. We remember much of what He said throughout His ministry but I would argue that the most impactful moments came when He fell silent or said little at all. Sometimes I guess we just have to let the world be the world and let its evil expose itself; it really doesn’t need our help…

We should be vocal about our beliefs, our passions, and what is right; however, maybe taking a lesson from the King of Kings isn’t such a bad idea. If He can be silent while getting tormented and going through suffering that we can’t even imagine, maybe we should sometimes take that same position. Evil will expose itself just fine on its own, its up to us to show love and sometimes that means not saying much at all….

Friends, I hope you are liking my blog posts. This is really a passion of mine and I would love your feedback and support. Share this blog with others, and if your not a follower already, hop on! Peace my friends and enjoy your Friday. 🙂