As Promised!

Good morning again everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous Saturday and are getting ready to enjoy another awesome day. In my previous post I said that I spent a portion of the day having an interesting conversation with my oldest son. I won’t get into all of the details in this post but instead spread it out over a few days. Not everything I can mention here, but as always I will try and be as transparent as possible. 🙂

I have always had a passion to help others, never so much as a few years ago when we lived in Florida. I was on the tail end of my retail career and serving with my bride in a fantastic church that put us in a place with God we had never experienced before. I was the Youth Pastor there and even though I had never done anything like that before I knew I was right where God wanted me to be; things had never been clearer. Then, BAM!

One day God had truly spoken to us about leaving our comfort zone and moving all the way up to Michigan. (There is another part of that story but for another time.) So, after much hesitation, we made the leap and did as God requested. We for the longest time could not wrap our minds around why God had brought us to this little town of Coloma, MI. It couldn’t be more different than the place we left both physically and spiritually. Alas, here we were….

Well, as it turns out the main reason wound up being for our kids. They met their future wives and my oldest has even given us two beautiful Grandchildren. Here is where the conversation last night comes in….For a while in my career I have honestly been unhappy. As I have said before, my passion is to help others in a life changing way, a way that can only come through Christ. So much a passion of mine it is that the happiest I have been in a long time is when I got the privilege of being able to preach a message to over thirty kids at a campground in which many of them received Christ as their Savior. It brought more joy to me than any “work” I have ever done. It was at that point I knew God was calling me to preach; not just any message, but a special one…. (Heck, God even gave my a vision of the church He would have me build…..)

After that day, things kinda fell apart and so I threw myself back into my work and have fallen off the spiritual wagon to say the least. So yesterday my son and I were talking and he told me, “How many times does God have to slap you in the face for what He wants you to do?” Well, quite a few apparently because ever since that day I have been trying to fill that spiritual void with different jobs and to no surprise it just hasn’t worked. So, where do I go from here??

Well, as he also said, before the path back to that can open I need to get my house right. I have allowed alot of things to enter our lives that are not Godly at all. Don’t get me wrong, I refuse to go back down the path of a legalistic Christian, but at the same time there are things I know are wrong that need to be addressed before my passion can be realized. I don’t know if this makes any sense but let me try and wrap it all up here….

If you are a child of God, there is nowhere you can run that eventually He won’t get your attention in some way. He has let me do “my thing” for a while but through my oldest son He has gotten my attention back. When God calls us to do something, we have a choice to do it or not. However, if we don’t, our lives will never be what we want. We will always be searching for something to fill the void that can only be filled by what God has in store for us. So, its time to get “my house” in order. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen. I can’t be afraid of being a hypocrite any longer; time is just too short and there are souls that are longing for His message. Who am I to not be part of that plan that my Creator has set out? Stay tuned my friends….



Crazy Day

Good afternoon loyal followers!




This morning was crazy; house about burnt down (well not really but sparks were coming from the transformer). So, no big post today just know that I appreciate those of you that take time to read my work and also know I will be adding some variety to my topics. While “removing the veil” is my first priority, I also like to write about other things. Anyway, glad your here and a more in depth blog post coming tomorrow.

Till then, peace and love my friends!


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Hang On



Good morning friends and welcome to HUMP DAY! Is it really hump day since we had Monday off? (well, most of us anyways). In any case, the weekend is just a couple of days away and I am definitely ready for it. Not sure if I will get to see my Fins play or not but football takes second place to what is setting up down there; Godspeed everyone, it seems that prayers might be answered…..

With all that is going on in the world, i’m not sure how anyone goes through life without the assurances from God. To have no hope of life ever getting any better or no comfort that Someone out there loves us more than we can imagine is sad. Sad because God gives us something that we need so desperately; hope that one day this will all be gone. …

For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; ‘he will lead them to springs of living water.’ ‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.'”Revelation 7:17

This passage today is telling us that one day, God Himself will wipe the tears from our eyes and lead us to living water! How can this not give you hope? Is it just easier to believe that this is all there is and that everything is bad? More deception my friends because it is not; (even though sometimes I really have to double check things because people are getting corrupt to an extent I never thought possible.)

Friends, with Hurricanes, corruption, and all the other things that are bad in this world, there is hope. Hope in the form of God and His Son Jesus Christ. There is a plan and the evil in the world will not go unpunished. His timing is simply though that no one would perish but instead have everlasting life. Are you looking for this life? Do you want to be there when the Creator of all things wipes away those tears? If so, simply ask Jesus to be the Savior of your life and that you reject the world and will instead now follow Him. If I can help in any way with this please let me know! You can comment here or follow my Facebook Page here.

God bless my friends and continued prayers to all those in the path of Hurricane Irma. Even through this there is hope….

Peace and Love,



Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great Monday and enjoyed the Eclipse. I was only 8 the last time we had one so this was a pretty neat experience for me. In Michigan it was pretty cloudy so we didn’t have the best view but thankfully to the internet there were some fantastic pictures taken; especially the ones by NASA from space. How can you possibly look at that and not know that there is a God. A God that has not only created the Sun, Moon, and the Stars but you and I as well. Amazing thing is that what we saw yesterday is only a preview of His Majesty and just as equally amazing His hope….

One of the reasons I love football so much is there is always the hope that my favorite team (THE Miami Dolphins) will win that week and hopefully that year. I have had a lot of time to build up this hope as we haven’t been very good for a while now but there is still hope. Hope is something we are desperately needing today wouldn’t you say? If you listen to the media you would think that EVERYONE hates each other and that there is no alternative but to fight others that disagree with you. This is all part of the deception that I know exists and is tearing us apart. The Truth is that there is more Hope than you can imagine! Things are not as bad as they seem and there is a Hope that is just waiting for you to reach out to in Jesus.

I’m not talking about religion or man made practices but instead THE Creator that gave you that eclipse yesterday also has given you Life!; life both here and in the world to come. One thing though, God is a gentleman and He will never force His way into your heart. So you are left with an option, are you ready?

You can continue to buy into the lies that the media is giving us or you can explore for yourself. If you choose to explore, I promise you that a whole other world exists; a world with Someone that loves you unconditionally and will give you hope that you never knew existed. The choice is up to you, which will it be? Make the choice for Hope and I will show you exactly what I mean….. 😉

Peace and Love,