God Is Faithful

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have a great start to your week and let us remember today that we can take God at His word! He is always for us, never against us and will be with us always. Amen? Talk to you soon, David

Last Post for Sunday!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Saw this from Toby and had to share. Let us take some personal responsibility in our lives shall we? Stop wondering why things are happening to you and instead maybe ask, "what could I be doing to have this happen and what do I need to change?" Peace... Continue Reading →

Getting Old

Good Sunday morning everyone! Hope you had a great Saturday; I know I did. Got to spend some time with my oldest, my daughter-in-law and of course my two cute as a bug in a rug grandchildren. They bring such light into our lives no matter what we seem to be going through. Sorry..had to... Continue Reading →

Thank YOU!

I just wanted to thank each of you that took time to send your love and prayers to me personally. It meant so much to hear from so many of you around the world. they were definitely felt and my family and I appreciate it more than you know! Love to all, David

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